8 mins ago

    Former Kanax assistant coach Baumgartner excited about chances in Beijing

    Nolan Baumgartner may not have imagined standing on the bench of Team Canada in Beijing…
    9 mins ago

    General Tire Canada Renews Partnership with The Raceline

    Mississauga, ON, Jan. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — General Tire Canada is delighted to announce…
    10 mins ago

    Ukrainian Canadians are worried about Russia’s conflict: “I’m afraid of my family”-People

    As fears of a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine increase, Anastasia Homa is worried about…
    11 mins ago

    Russia’s cyberattack warning emerges as European Jolly in the midst of the Ukrainian crisis

    Mike Blanchefield, Canadian Press Published on Thursday, January 20, 2022 at 2:55 pm EST Ottawa-Canada’s…
    13 mins ago

    Elle Fanning is unrecognizable in the new girl from the Plainville photo-E!online

    Elle FanningTransformation of the series Girl in plain building Have them do a double take.…
    16 mins ago

    General Tire Canada Renews Partnership with Raceline Radio Network for 30th Anniversary Season! , Canadian Business Journal

    Missisaga, ON, January 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) β€” General Tire Canada renews its broadcast partnership…
    17 mins ago

    Aging is not a great experience in Canada

    Ramona Kaptyn is an expert in staying active. She swims in a local pool, holds…
    18 mins ago

    Rescuers safely guide stranded dogs by tying sausages to drones-nationwide

    Drone companies are credited with saving dogs’ lives in the UK after devising clever ways…
    19 mins ago

    What you need to know about Facebook’s new “Privacy Center”

    Photo: Angie Yeoh ((((Shutterstock). Facebook has Introducing a new privacy center Give it to the…
    21 mins ago

    Scotties Tournament of Hearts Going Forward Without Fans

    Thunder Bay, Ontario. -The Canadian Women’s Curling Championship has a green light to proceed in…
      30 mins ago

      Joshua Jackson starring in the “Fatal Charm” series with Lizzy Caplan

      Along Rachel West.. 2 minutes ago Showcase’s “Dr. Death”, Joshua Jackson returns to the TV screen again with the next…
      43 mins ago

      How John Mayer helped bring his body home after Bob Saget’s death-E!online

      John mayer I paid for the private plane to be transported Bob SagetThe body that returned to California after his…
      56 mins ago

      Jamie Lynn Spears reveals a text message from Britney Spears and she calls her name “Clear”

      Along Anita Thai.. 3 minutes ago Jamie Lynn Spears sets a record in a feud with Britney Spears. In a…
      1 hour ago

      Robert Pattinson’s Twilight Audition was really wild-E!online

      21. After dyeing her hair blonde to play Karen’s family Rosalie in the first movie Nikki Reed To protect her…
      1 hour ago

      Bill Murray sings “West Side Story” at a surprise concert in New York City Park

      Along Corey Atad.. 46 seconds ago A New Yorker strolling in Washington Square Park was surprised by a comedy legend…
      2 hours ago

      Tina Turner and her husband snap up a vast $ 76 million real estate property on Lake Zurich

      Along Associated Press.. 13 seconds ago Rock and roll icon Tina Turner and her husband reportedly bought a property on…
      2 hours ago

      Burning questions we still have and such …- E!online

      We can’t express disappointment from the beginning about how the show treats Steve, but we’re very happy to be part…
      2 hours ago

      Eric Andre reminds him of being delusional after Johnny Knoxville breaks into his house during the Christmas Eve prank and talks about “Jackass Forever”

      Along Melissa Romardi.. 51 seconds ago Eric Andre has a new “The Jackass movie and how Johnny Knoxville broke into…
      2 hours ago

      Real Jeannie Mai reveals her and Gigi’s baby-E!online

      Roll roll please! Genie May Jenkins Reveal her name, JeezyTogether with the first kid it is …Monaco My Jenkins!! So…
      3 hours ago

      Robert Pattinson has fallen out of bed kissing Kristen Stewart in a “twilight” audition, the director says.

      Along Rachel McRady ‍, 32 minutes ago After all, Robert Pattinson very Invested in his “Twilight” audition. In a…
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