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WWE Money in the Bank 2024 Results: Winners, Live Grades, Reactions, and Highlights

Welcome to Bleacher Report’s live coverage of WWE Money in the Bank 2024 at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto.

Here’s a look at the lineup for Saturday’s show:

  • The Bloodline vs. Cody Rhodes, Kevin Owens, and Randy Orton
  • Damian Priest vs. Seth Rollins (World Heavyweight Championship)
  • Sami Zayn vs. Bron Breakker (Intercontinental Championship)
  • Jey Uso vs. Carmelo Hayes vs. Andrade vs. Chad Gable vs. LA Knight vs. Drew McIntyre (Men’s MITB ladder match)
  • Chelsea Green vs. Iyo Sky vs. Lyra Valkyria vs. Naomi vs. Tiffany Stratton vs. Zoey Stark (Women’s MITB ladder match)

Let’s dive into what happened during Saturday’s premium live event.

Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

The first contest on the card was the men’s MITB match. Uso was introduced first, entering through the crowd, while McIntyre was the last to enter the ring.

Surprisingly, everyone waited for the bell to start fighting instead of brawling immediately. No one rolled out of the ring, which is unusual for these matches.

The Scottish Warrior was the first to use a ladder as a weapon and took out a few opponents before attempting to climb for the briefcase.

This was a standard MITB match, with stronger wrestlers providing a base for the high-flyers to hit risky spots, and everyone took their fair share of damage from the ladders. While it didn’t break new ground, it featured enough well-executed spots to keep fans entertained.

One standout aspect was that nobody seemed more dominant than anyone else. Everyone had their moments to shine and had their fingers on the briefcase at some point. Andrade and Hayes had some of the most impressive moments, but everyone looked good.

Just as it seemed Uso would claim the briefcase, McIntyre threw a ladder into him like a javelin, knocking him down. McIntyre then climbed up and claimed victory for himself, ending a solid MITB match.

Result: McIntyre won the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match

Grade: B+

Notable Moments and Observations:

  • The pre-show ended with Samantha Irvin and Ryland James singing the American and Canadian national anthems back-to-back, a cool way to kick off the show after Canada Day and July 4.
  • Michael Cole was pumped up for Uso’s entrance. Everyone else’s entrance felt dull by comparison, suggesting Uso should have come out last.
  • Andrade’s leg hitting a ladder during a springboard leg drop looked painful.
  • Andrade’s reverse Spanish Fly on Hayes was executed perfectly.
  • The sunset flip from Andrade to Hayes onto a ladder was awesome.

Sami Zayn vs. Bron Breakker (Intercontinental Championship)

The second match saw Zayn defend the intercontinental title against Breakker, who has been a constant thorn in his side for weeks.

The Canadian fans gave Zayn a warm welcome, and he looked genuinely touched as he soaked it in.

Breakker showcased his power by easily hurling Zayn after their first lockup and showed off some speed with a quick go-behind and a second throw. He seemed to be toying with Zayn, so the champion slapped him to show he wasn’t intimidated.

Following a six-person ladder match would be difficult for anyone, but Zayn and Breakker ensured they weren’t lost in the shuffle.

Zayn, one of the best underdog performers in the business, made Breakker look even more dangerous by selling every move as if he was close to giving up.

The longer the match went on, the more it proved that Breakker is no one-trick pony. He’s a versatile performer who will have a long career if he stays healthy. Unfortunately for him, this was not his night.

Zayn hit a Helluva Kick and pinned his challenger to retain the IC title, making both men look like stars.

Result: Zayn defeated Breakker

Grade: B+

Notable Moments and Observations:

  • Breakker needs better entrance music, although his singlets usually have cool designs.
  • Zayn’s first moonsault to the floor almost ended in disaster, but he managed to save himself.
  • Zayn’s second moonsault from the barricade was saved by Breakker, but it almost ended with Zayn landing on his head.
  • Breakker’s Frankensteiner is a wild display of agility and athleticism, especially when he pops up to the top rope like it’s nothing.

John Cena Announces His Retirement

John Cena came out and quickly announced his retirement from WWE.

The 16-time world champion then spoke fondly about the Canadian fans who have supported him throughout his career.

Cena said the 2025 Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, and WrestleMania 41 would be his last events.

Damian Priest vs. Seth Rollins (World Heavyweight Championship)

Rollins had the entire arena singing along to his entrance music as he made his way out for the world title match against Priest.

As soon as the bell rang, they traded strikes and tried to go for a quick win. The Archer of Infamy avoided a Pedigree and scored the first two-count with a suplex.

Both men kept their eyes on the stage, expecting McIntyre to show up and cash in his newly won briefcase.

Even though both competitors performed well, something felt off about this match. It may have been a lack of buildup in the feud or the predictability of how it all played out. Whatever it was, it kept this clash from reaching its full potential.

After Rollins hit a Falcon Arrow, the referee declared a two-count for what was clearly a pin. The crowd began booing loudly until McIntyre showed up and handed his briefcase to the official to cash in and join the match.

The bell rang, and they all started fighting. Now a Triple Threat, nobody was disqualified when CM Punk showed up and attacked McIntyre with a steel chair. He obliterated The Scottish Warrior and then grabbed the world title to knock him out with one last shot.

Punk sat on the announce table and watched as Priest hit South of Heaven for the win.

The shenanigans toward the end added some drama to the situation and helped make this bout more exciting.

Priest retained, Rollins was protected by not taking the pin, and the feud between Punk and McIntyre may now include The Visionary after he expressed anger toward The Best in the World for getting involved.

Result: Priest defeated Rollins and McIntyre

Grade: B

Notable Moments and Observations:

  • Rollins received over 100 decibels from the crowd during his entrance according to a graphic on the screen.
  • Before the match, Finn Balor had a suspicious look on his face after Priest left the Judgment Day’s clubhouse.
  • Rollins’ hurricanrana counter to a chokeslam looked really good.
  • Rollins tried to catch and slam Priest when he jumped off the middle rope, but it didn’t go as planned.

Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Naomi was out first for the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

As soon as it started, everyone cleared out of the ring to grab a ladder except for Green. She stole Sky’s ladder and was too afraid to climb it, so she tried to use it to knock the briefcase down instead.

This contest quickly turned into short sequences with two or three competitors at a time while everyone else was down at ringside until it was their turn.

This setup allowed us to see several different combinations of opponents work together, but it led to a weird pace for several minutes. We saw a lot of good individual spots with little cohesion or reason for most of what we saw.

The crowd took a while but eventually got into it and chanted “This is awesome” after a few entertaining moments in a row. After the halfway mark, it felt like everything started clicking together more, and this turned into an enjoyable melee that outshined the men’s match.

After Green came so close to winning, Stratton pulled down the briefcase to claim the win and a future title shot.

Result: Stratton won the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match

Grade: A-

Notable Moments and Observations:

  • Naomi’s entrance could be the biggest thing in WWE if it made some minor tweaks and gave her back her old song or something new.
  • Stark wore some face paint that gave off Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando vibes.
  • Sky and Valkyria had a nasty spot with a ladder in the corner but seemed to be fine and continued with a nice sequence.
  • Stark hit the back of her head on a ladder during a senton but kept going without any issue.
  • Valkyria’s German suplex from the ladder was awesome because Sky sold it so well.
  • Naomi’s DDT to Stratton was one of the best moments of the match.

The Bloodline vs. Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton, and Kevin Owens

Solo Sikoa, Tama Tonga, and Jacob Fatu represented The Bloodline with Tonga Loa by their side in the main event against Rhodes, Orton, and Owens.

KO received a warm welcome like the other Canadian stars on the show. Rhodes and Sikoa seemed set to start for their teams, but Tonga tagged in instead.

You could tell this match would intensify as it progressed, so it made sense for them to start with a slow and methodical pace. As soon as Fatu tagged in for the first time, the atmosphere changed, especially after he no-sold a DDT from Orton.

For such a bitter feud, it was surprising how long it took for this to devolve into a huge fight. Sikoa accidentally knocked out the ref, which ended up saving him from being pinned after taking every finisher from the babyface team.

The ref was crushed against the steel steps, and Fatu was put through the announce table. Everyone hit at least one finisher as they built toward the finish. The official was hurled back into the ring just in time for Sikoa to pin Rhodes with a Samoan Spike.

There was a lot to like in this match, but it also felt like a repeat of all the same Bloodline tropes we’ve seen for the past few years. At least Sikoa pinning Rhodes will likely lead to a title match for the new Tribal Chief at SummerSlam on August 3.

Result: The Bloodline defeated Rhodes, Orton, and Owens

Grade: B

Notable Moments and Observations:

  • Michael Cole said WWE had to pull strings to get Fatu into Canada.
  • Rhodes’ ring jacket was more extravagant than usual, with big gold eagles on the shoulders.
  • Fatu no-selling Orton’s signature DDT was a fun moment.
  • The way Loa’s head hit the announce table after Rhodes’ suicide dive looked and sounded terrible. Hopefully, he’s OK.

The Final Word

This year’s Money in the Bank PLE was mostly predictable but had a few surprises that helped make it stand out.

Cena’s retirement announcement will be a talking point for weeks. Zayn retaining the IC title against a dominant Breakker in Canada was a feel-good moment, and both MITB winners felt like appropriate decisions.

However, having McIntyre cash in and fail on the same night due to Punk’s interference will be controversial among fans, even if it achieved its goal of generating heat for their feud. The botch with Priest failing to kick out of a pin was quickly glossed over.

The women’s MITB bout had some of the biggest highlights of the entire show and made all six competitors look like they deserved to be there.

Even if the main event felt like a match we might see on a random Raw or SmackDown, all six men worked well together to make it a mostly enjoyable performance.

Overall, this was a good pay-per-view that could have been better with a few small changes.

Grade: B+

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