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Chelsea Green Issues Statement After Money in the Bank Incident, Points Finger at Fellow WWE Wrestler

Chelsea Green has taken to social media following her dramatic appearance at WWE Money in the Bank 2024. The popular wrestler competed in the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match during the event, where Tiffany Stratton emerged victorious, securing a future title shot. Green came close to victory herself but suffered a dramatic fall when Stratton shoved the ladder, causing Green to crash through two tables outside the ring.

In a post on Instagram today, Green reflected on the intense match and shared images with her family, Matt Cardona, and backstage interviewer Cathy Kelley. She acknowledged the risks involved in such high-stakes matches, hinting at frustrations over the physical toll. This comes after Green’s pre-event interview with Kelley atop Toronto’s CN Tower during an EdgeWalk, where tensions seemed apparent.

Responding to Green’s post, Cathy Kelley expressed confusion over Green’s perceived hostility towards her, indicating a possible misunderstanding or tension between the two following the event.

Chelsea Green, who previously held the Women’s Tag Team Championship with Sonya Deville, has yet to capture a singles title on WWE’s main roster. Additionally, she has expressed her desire to see her husband, former WWE star Matt Cardona (Zack Ryder), return to the company. In an interview before Money in the Bank, Green shared her hopes for Cardona’s return, alongside speculation about potential opportunities for Steph De Lander in WWE.

With Green’s career trajectory and personal life intertwining, fans await further developments in both her professional aspirations and her relationship with WWE.

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