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Upcoming AI Features in Apple’s Pipeline for the Year Ahead

In the forthcoming year, Apple’s array of AI features will necessitate robust support systems. Chances are, your iPhone or Mac already houses an NPU (neural processing unit), a dedicated hardware component tailored for executing AI tasks. Live Text, among other existing AI functionalities, capitalizes on the NPU for streamlined processing. Emphasizing the significance of the NPU, Apple showcased its integration within the M4 chip in the latest iPad Pros, hinting at its forthcoming utilization across Apple’s upcoming AI features.

Yet, not all AI features are suited for on-device processing, especially concerning older iPhone and Mac models. It’s anticipated that most of Apple’s forthcoming features will operate seamlessly on devices manufactured within the past year. However, for older devices or particularly resource-intensive features, Apple intends to offload processing tasks to the cloud.

Reports suggest Apple has been exploring partnerships with entities like OpenAI and Google to access their cloud-based AI processing capacities. However, whether these collaborations will materialize remains uncertain. Apple is purportedly planning to execute some cloud-based features using server farms equipped with M2 Ultra chips. Preferably, Apple aims to manage cloud processing independently, minimizing reliance on competitors. The culmination of Apple’s AI strategy is expected to unfold at WWDC.

Outlined below are the AI features Apple is rumored to unveil in June:

Generative AI Emojis

Apple is reportedly developing a feature to generate unique emojis using AI, tailored to the context of your conversation. This innovation, if executed effectively, promises both entertainment and practicality, allowing users to express nuances that conventional emojis might not capture fully.

Siri Enhanced by AI

Apple aims to overhaul Siri’s functionality, with aspirations to enhance its reliability and naturalness in interactions. While speculations abound regarding potential partnerships with external entities like Google or OpenAI, Apple is inclined towards leveraging its in-house large language models (LLM). Moreover, there’s speculation about a specialized AI-powered Siri variant specifically designed for the Apple Watch.

Intelligent Search in Safari

Safari is slated to receive an Intelligent Search feature that scans web pages to generate AI summaries, offering users an efficient means of extracting relevant information.

AI Integration in Spotlight Search

Apple plans to leverage AI to augment the effectiveness of Spotlight search, streamlining searches and yielding more relevant results.

AI-Powered Accessibility Features

Apple’s forthcoming accessibility features, some AI-driven, aim to empower users with innovative tools for device interaction and communication.

Automatic Message Replies

iOS and macOS are anticipated to introduce automatic reply suggestions, utilizing AI to offer prompt responses to emails and text messages.

AI-Enhanced Notes

The Notes app is poised for an AI overhaul, featuring transcription capabilities for audio recordings and introducing Math Notes, catering to mathematical notations and predictive suggestions.

Smart Recaps

Apple’s focus on “smart recaps” involves AI-generated summaries of missed information, providing users with condensed insights into notifications, messages, web content, and more.

AI-Powered Photo Retouching

The Photos app is slated to receive AI-based retouching capabilities, enabling users to selectively remove objects from photos and potentially incorporating other AI editing tools for enhanced photo management.

As Apple continues to integrate AI across its ecosystem, these forthcoming features promise to enrich user experiences across various aspects of digital interaction.

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