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Temporary Phone Number of Brazil: What Are the Benefits?

If you often communicate with clients and partners from Brazil, telephone communication can become a very significant expense item for both you and your interlocutors. These costs can be optimized by connecting a Brazilian virtual phone number with a local code by contacting Hot Telecom https://hottelecom.biz/disposable-sms-number-of-brazil.html. This will turn all your calls within Brazil into domestic calls.

What is a Brazil virtual number, and what is it for?

With a Brazilian virtual number, calls from outside can be received as domestic calls. Technology advancements in cloud telephony have made this possible. In this case, voice is carried via the Internet as data packets rather than over regular telephone lines. Calls made to a Brazilian phone number are transferred to a virtual PBX that the supplier rents to the company. Only the software platform, which is housed at the service provider, is used by the number owner personally.

Benefits of connecting a Brazil virtual number

Brazil virtual phone numbers have the same area code as regular phone numbers. Brazilian phone numbers are substantially less expensive than those in other nations, but they also have a broad range. You may use them to create an account on social networks, email services, and instant messengers.

  • Multichannel. All virtual lines operate in multi-channel mode, allowing calls to be queued up or being distributed among staff via the voice menu.
  • Calls from any device. You can make and receive calls from any device — stationary sip-phones, personal computers, or mobile phones.
  • Cost reduction. Calls using a Brazilian sip number are significantly cheaper than international calls using landlines or mobile phones.
  • Calls within the network are free. No matter where they are in the world, your employees in Brazil will be able to call other offices of your business for free.
  • Anonymity. You do not have to worry that your personal data will fall into the hands of scammers. You will not be disturbed by suspicious calls and intrusive advertising.

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