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“Iconic Sky House in West Vancouver Hits the Market: Explore Stunning Photos and Views”

An epitome of West Coast modernist architecture lies nestled amidst the scenic landscape of West Vancouver—a home that seamlessly integrates with its natural surroundings, embodying the principles of its era.

Designed by renowned architect Barry Downs as his personal residence in 1978, this exceptional dwelling exemplifies the ethos of blending harmoniously with nature. Perched atop a waterfront cliff, 35 meters above Howe Sound, the house cascades across several tiers, following the contours of the land.

The main level of the residence encompasses the dining area, kitchen, master bedroom, and bathrooms, while a sunken living room on the lower tier serves as the centerpiece, offering an expansive panoramic view of Howe Sound through its towering windows. Aptly dubbed the “Sky House” by Downs, this architectural marvel embodies a total immersion in the surrounding natural wonder.

Now available for sale at $4.598 million, the property is listed by realtor Trent Rodney, a specialist in West Coast modern homes. Spread across just 1,400 square feet with two bedrooms, the house exudes charm with its built-ins and subtle curves, making it a haven for enthusiasts of West Coast modernism.

However, despite its architectural significance, the house’s modest size may prompt some to consider larger-scale redevelopment. Rodney acknowledges this trend, citing the demolition of other landmark waterfront West Coast modern homes. Yet, he remains steadfast in his mission to find a buyer who appreciates the unique architecture and wishes to preserve it.

The marketing campaign for the property has been nothing short of extraordinary, with features in publications like Dwell magazine and innovative promotional efforts such as a “design reveal” by Porsche and an Instagram video featuring a Ballet B.C. dancer, shot partially by drone.

Interest in the property has been robust, with numerous tour requests pouring in. Downs, though not as widely recognized as some of his contemporaries, holds a significant place in local architecture, having contributed to several iconic civic structures in Vancouver.

The house’s small studio above the carport serves as a charming home office, while a spacious terrace off the dining area offers breathtaking views, particularly at sunset. The property’s assessed value by B.C. Assessment stands at $5.095 million, reflecting its status as a trophy property in the area.

In the world of architectural gems, the allure of the Sky House lies not just in its design, but in its embodiment of a bygone era’s ethos—an ethos that sought to coexist harmoniously with nature, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of West Vancouver.

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