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Is Negotiating Really Effective in Lowering Your Monthly Expenses?

Whether it’s streaming services, premium social media accounts, phone bills, cable bills, internet bills, or anything else, this guide is here to help.

The truth is, many of these expenses aren’t fixed. With some strategic negotiation, you can often slash your monthly bills and save money. Negotiating (whether in-person, over the phone, or through apps) can lead to significant savings.

Here are some effective tips and tricks to help you lower your bills and put more money back in your pocket.

Preparing to negotiate According to a 2021 study by Statistics Canada, the average Canadian household spends $4,223 annually on recreational services and activities.

Start by reviewing your current bills to identify negotiable expenses, such as:

  • Cable
  • Internet
  • Cell phone service
  • Insurance premiums (where applicable)
  • Some online subscriptions
  • Debt repayments

Utilities like power, water, and gas typically have fixed rates regulated by government bodies like the Ontario Energy Board or the Alberta Utilities Commission.

Gather all relevant information, including usage data, current rates, and competitor offers. This data forms the basis of your negotiation strategy.

Negotiating over the phone Negotiating bills over the phone can be highly effective with the right approach. Begin positively, maintaining a polite and professional demeanor. Courtesy and respect can influence the representative to work in your favor.

Clearly state your case, citing specific details like recent financial challenges or concerns about the service’s value.

When dealing with telecom bills (internet, TV, phone), consider bundling services for potential discounts. Many providers offer reduced rates for combined services, so inquire about these options.

Competitive edge Highlight lower rates from competitors to leverage better deals from your current provider. Additionally, inquire about loyalty rewards or promotions for long-term customers. Loyalty often unlocks exclusive rates or perks not advertised.

Navigating resistance If the initial representative cannot meet your needs, politely request to speak with a supervisor or retention department. These higher-level contacts may have more flexibility to adjust your bills.

Persistence pays off Maintain composure and reiterate your points calmly if faced with resistance. Emotional control is crucial in negotiations, and persistence can turn a “no” into a “yes.”

Finding additional savings Once you’ve reduced your monthly bills, explore other avenues to save money.

Consider using grocery store apps that offer coupons and alert you to flash deals, helping minimize food costs and reduce waste.

Negotiating bills is a proactive way to manage expenses and ensure you’re getting the best value for your money. With preparation and persistence, you can effectively lower your monthly expenses and improve your financial health.

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