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NFL Prop Bets – Top NFL Draft Odds and Props 2024

For sports enthusiasts, NFL prop bets stand out as a favorite wagering option, allowing fans to bet on specific player or team accomplishments. Whether it’s NFL player props or NFL team prop bets, these wagers add an exciting dimension to the game. This guide aims to highlight the best NFL props, decode NFL props bets terminology, and suggest the best platforms to place such bets.

NFL Draft Betting Odds

The NFL Draft has always been a highlight for football fans, but the emergence of NFL Draft prop bets has elevated its excitement. NFL prop betting extends far beyond the regular season, offering a plethora of markets. From predicting the first overall pick to exact player-team matches and novel markets like the number of players at a certain position in the first round, the options are diverse.

Let’s delve into some popular NFL Draft betting markets and the favorites for each.

NFL Second Overall Pick Odds

While Caleb Williams is widely expected to be the first overall pick, the race for the second pick is competitive. LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels leads the pack, closely followed by Drake Maye. However, odds can fluctuate dramatically leading up to the draft, depending on team strategies and insider information.

Best Prop Bets for NFL Draft

Second Receiver Selected: Rome Odunze, +300 at FanDuel

Rome Odunze emerges as a top choice in this category, boasting a unique blend of size and speed. Despite some uncertainty surrounding Malik Nabers’ status, Odunze’s consistent performance and high ceiling make him a compelling pick.

First Running Back Selected: Blake Corum, +450 at FanDuel

With no clear-cut favorite, Blake Corum stands out as a viable option. His impressive college track record and versatile skill set make him an attractive prospect, especially considering Jonathon Brooks’ injury concerns.

NFL Prop Bet Terminology

Understanding NFL prop bet terminology is crucial for making informed wagers. From “Anytime TD Scorer” to “Alt Rushing Yards,” each term corresponds to specific wagering scenarios. Utilizing this terminology effectively enhances your betting experience and increases your chances of success.


NFL prop bets offer a thrilling opportunity for fans to engage with the game on a deeper level. Whether you’re betting on player performances or team achievements, prop bets add an extra layer of excitement to every NFL game. So, dive into the world of NFL prop betting and elevate your game day experience.

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