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George Clooney Urges Biden to Withdraw from 2024 Race in Candid Op-Ed: ‘Unwinnable Battle’

In a recent op-ed for the New York Times, George Clooney, a staunch supporter of the Democratic Party, delivered a sobering assessment of Joe Biden’s prospects for the 2024 election. Despite his long-standing commitment to Democratic causes and his pivotal role in fundraising for major Democratic candidates over the years, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, Clooney made a poignant plea for a change in leadership within his party.

Reflecting on his extensive involvement in Democratic fundraising efforts, Clooney emphasized the gravity of his statements, asserting, “I say all of this only to express how much I believe in this process and how profound I think this moment is.” Despite his personal admiration and friendship for Biden, Clooney candidly expressed doubts about Biden’s ability to secure victory in the upcoming election, attributing this concern primarily to Biden’s age and the inevitable effects of time on his capabilities.

“The Joe Biden I was with three weeks ago at the fundraiser was not the Joe ‘big F-ing deal’ Biden of 2010,” Clooney lamented. “He wasn’t even the Joe Biden of 2020.” Clooney underscored that his assessment was shared widely within Democratic circles, stating, “This isn’t only my opinion; this is the opinion of every senator and congress member and governor that I’ve spoken with in private.”

Clooney’s critique was not merely about Biden as an individual but about the broader implications for the Democratic Party’s electoral prospects. He predicted dire consequences, warning, “We are not going to win in November with this president,” and forecasting losses in the House and Senate as well. His call for a new candidate reflected a pragmatic assessment of political realities and a concern for the party’s future viability.

Ultimately, Clooney’s op-ed was a plea for his fellow Democrats to confront uncomfortable truths and make strategic decisions to bolster their chances in future elections. It underscored the complexities of political leadership and the challenges of navigating generational shifts within the party. As a dedicated Democrat and influential figure in Hollywood, Clooney’s words carried weight, urging his party to consider alternatives and prepare for the electoral battles ahead.

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