World Athletics not banning Kenya from competition

Kenya will not face ban from world competitions, World Athletics (WA) president Seb Co announced Wednesday. The East African nation has long been a long-distance running powerhouse and ranked him third in track and field medal counts at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.Accusations of widespread use of performance-enhancing drugs persist for years, won the 2021 Boston Marathon diana bellflower and compatriots Betty Wilson Lempus In October, he was given a provisional injunction for using prohibited substances.

“In one year, 40% of the total positive recorded World athletics is in Kenya,” Coe told reporters after the WA board meeting in Rome. “World Athletics is concerned,” he added. “Kenya has been on the watch list for several years already.”

The Kenyan government’s commitment to provide an additional $5 million annually to strengthen Kenya’s anti-doping program over the next five years, including more testing, investigations and improved anti-doping education It was agreed that it was an appropriate response to the current situation. “We will not allow unethical individuals to ruin Kenya’s reputation by doping,” Kenya’s sports minister said. Abab Namwamba, shared on social media on Friday. “Doping and its perpetrators must be defeated.”

Kenya is a Category A Federation under the WA Anti-Doping Rules and the Kenyan authorities have a responsibility to work closely with the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) to ensure that these funds are used effectively. I’m here.

Coe said he was grateful for the measures being taken to address the doping situation in Kenya. . “The only way we can reduce the scale of this problem is if all Kenyan sports officials and of course he WA and he AIU work together.”

World Athletics not banning Kenya from competition

Source link World Athletics not banning Kenya from competition

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