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Which ePaper tablet is best for your digital notebook?

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we You may never completely remove the paper The advantage is that paper always has a “feel” that appeals to some people. b but We are entering a brave new world where digital documents live in harmony with those who want to be printed. Yalready May be maintained Place your ebook on your Kindle and print it on the shelf, or Documents and hard copy in the cloud In the folder.future Not all About leaving things behind, it’s about having more Choices..

why Buy ePUpper tablet?

ePUpper lock You can take notes and save them freehand Perform all sorts of cool tricks in the cloud This is not possible with traditional paper or pens.With an infinite “page” Share your ideas instantly teeth You look amazing..

It was Still early in ePBut in each market, things are changing rapidly.In the past you could choose from one or two devices, but now The list of easy-to-use tablets is increasing Take digital notes, but many of them mainly Ebook reader, in short Most of the time I take notes Retrofit.so If Your focus is to take notes and make Manual digital document, which ePIs the aper tablet the best?

The best ebook readers OnyxBoox Nova 3 color

BOOX crashed into ePThe market in a big sense, and Nova 3 color You have almost everything you need for a tablet to take notes.In fact, it’s so good actually Hard to find-It’s sold out in many places, so if you’re thinking about buying an ePUpper tablet, We recommend that you receive your order early, not later.

How much is it Onyx Boox Nova3 Color Cost?

As of last year It sold for about $ 400, but due to supply chain issues and growing popularity, tablet prices are generally rising, hoping that they will be higher when they are available again. please.

WDo hats make the Nova 3 so great?

  • colour. Color raynk is gorgeous and very It can be used.If you So far When you reach for a pen or pencil of a different color when taking notes or writing a document, I love the ability to bring color to your digital Note.. The screen and color inks look great, And it’s incredible ResponsiveNo rugs or glitches.
  • Android. Nova 3 is based on the Android operating system. This means that you can not only take notes, but also load many Android apps and use them as standard tablets without losing functionality or memo function. It makes it incredibly versatile.
  • Pay attention to the function. Nova3 has many note-specific features. Missing other tablets containing hAnd write recognition, b bBuilt-in microphone from speech to text, rEnhanced search and replace functions, When Inductive and capacitive touch —This means you can use your fingers as well as the stylus.
  • It does not depend on the format. Nova3 works with PDF files as expected, but also with MOBI and EPUB files and Word documents.

Nova3 is more versatile. But it comes It costs money. The entire package is best in class, but it has the following drawbacks: Relatively small screen (Only 7.8 inches), battery life is not so long ((((Usually lasts about 1 day)And its internal storage is only 3GB. But most people just push their notes into the cloud, so that’s not as bad as it looks.

I also make a BOOK Onyx Boox Note AirCurrently available for about $ 500, it offers most of the same features as the grayscale version and a much larger 10.3-inch screen.

The next best option is reMarkable 2

If you are not looking for the best Overall ePIf you need the best dedicated note-taking experience on your aper tablet instead, reMarkable 2.. The first really useful ePFor each notebook, reMarkable does not provide the color or flexibility of Android apps.What it offers Take clean, undisturbed notes With a large 10.3-inch screen.Also Provides handwriting recognition (but no microphone). 8You can’t use your finger on the screen like the Nova3, but GB storage (and cloud options). Most importantly, the process of marking up PDF and EPUB documents (not MOBI compatible here) is as smooth as glass, and the tablet comes with lots of templates for documents, so it’s quick. You can get started.

How much is reMarkable2cOst?

Not cheap, Current From $ 500 to $ 650 It depends on the feature you have selected. You’ll get far less features at that price, but if you’re focused on taking notes, you’ll get 100% points.

Your cheapest solid option is Workshop sage

Finally, if you’re looking for a second mortgage-free note-taking option, Workshop sage.. This is an e-reader, not a note-taking device. However, it is compatible with Kobo Stylus and provides an app to take notes to get the job done.Is it an eP that takes the best notesaper option? no. But about $ 300 ($ 260 for tablets, Optional stylus), You also get a fully crowded note-taking device that is a nifty e-reader.

of course, Genuine Your budget choice is a $ 2.99 notebook and an old pen, but if you want to live with us in the future, ePThe aper notebook is a must-have item. Be sure to select the correct one.

Which ePaper tablet is best for your digital notebook?

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