These are the most ridiculous fees you should never pay

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Throughout our lives, we Together to nickel and dim death. There are things that must be paid (or must be paid). Fees expected to be paid in excess of those anticipated costs Thing: there is Mysterious hotel bill, exorbitant airfare, Car Rental Fees Punishing Young People— the list goes on and on.but what The really burning thing about fees like this is that it makes you feel manipulated. This is supposed to play along with the fiction that it’s not just a cash win on top of an already negotiated price.

That said, some fees make the bullshit quotient much higher than others.cannot be avoided all The fees that our capitalist masters throw at us, but there are many ridiculous fees that can be avoided. I never have payment.

coinstar fee

Even if you’re not embracing a cashless existence, you’re likely dealing with piles of loose change accumulating in your pockets. Day. Eventually, you get a pickle jar filled with coins and when stretched thin enough to see your paycheck through, The change begins to look like real money.And your local grocery store has Coinstar vending machines…it almost eats 12% The value of your coin in fees.

The term the scientist uses for the fee is No wayTo avoid fees, you have two options:

  • gift card. Coinstar allows you to receive your change in gift cards instead of cash. There are no fees when using this card options are limitedbut as long as you need what those retailers are selling, it’s as good as cash.
  • Bank. Most banks do not offer coin counting services and will politely refuse piles of filthy pennies dumped on the counter. Roll yourself. Properly rolled change is easily credited to your account. This may take some time, but cheap coin counter It pays for itself in no time.


Being charged a fee to access your own money is one of the most ridiculous fees ever, but ATM fees are hard to avoid. If you need cash and your only option is a sketchy 7-Eleven ATMHowever, you can take some steps to eliminate these fees. Banks that refund these fees.

In a pinch, another tactic is to ask if the store offers cash back on purchases. This only makes sense if you actually need something in that store.

credit report

If you don’t check your credit report every year, you should start. Identity theft can take a long time to realize, and even an honest mistake on your credit report can have a big impact on your credit score. life. But if you’ve ever been asked to pay a credit report fee, you’ve been cheated. By law, all three major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) are required to provide one free report each year.just go to and go through the process. Some banks and credit card companies offer a free credit report as part of opening an account. This may provide additional reports.

late fee

It is not permissible to pay late fees with a credit card or other line of credit. Paying the minimum amount on your account is a bad idea, but it’s much better than being charged exorbitant fees on top of everything else. You can manually adjust your payment to pay more than the minimum amount, but if you forget You are still covered against stupid fees.

If you forgot or simply misscheduled and incurred late fees, contact your lender.If it is the first overdue fee I have If you provide an explanation, they are likely to revert it.

most auto dealers commission

Buying a car is an exhausting and demoralizing experience for most people. Walking into a dealership, talking to a pushy salesperson, and trying to figure out all your options can only cost you your life. What makes the whole situation worse is that many dealers are engaged in the game of adding ridiculous fees to the purchase contract. has a lot of unnecessary fees and is difficult to track.the good news is remove these charges It’s often as easy as asking about them. For some reason, the moment I pointed them out, they will melt.

gym admission fee

If you’ve joined a gym at any point in your life, you may have noticed an “entrance fee” on your first bill. This is just a cash grab, so it’s a typical silly fee.

The way to avoid this fee is to ask about it when researching gyms and then ask them to waive it. , Many salespeople who are trying to invite you to join have quotas that they must meet.

investment fee

If you have an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) set up, that’s fine. Setting aside deferred taxes for retirement benefits is wise and an IRA is a relatively safe and easy way to make that money work for you. . These fees may seem insignificant, but it’s safe to say that the institution that manages your money is making a good profit out of you as is. You can always transfer your IRA to another account, so find a place where there are no fees, or contact your current bank or financial advisor and ask them to eliminate the fees. Most of the time you won’t lose business.

Auto insurance administration fee

Owning a car means owning a lot of expenses. In addition to fuel, maintenance, and depreciation costs, cars have insurance premiums. Also, if you pay your premium monthly, your insurance company may charge a “processing fee” for your benefits. This fee covers their costs as there is a fee on their part each time they charge your credit card.

If possible, paying the entire premium upfront eliminates that charge. However, if lump sum payment is not possible, You are probably stuck with a monthly fee.

mortgage fee

Buying a house costs money. Besides the down payment, there are interest payments on the mortgage and closing costs. It will be added soon.

So you should be wary when it comes to avoidable fees that some lenders roll into your mortgage. They often throw in application fees, underwriting fees, rate locking fees, and mystery processing fees. These add up to a pretty amazing amount of extra money that you will have to pay. There are plenty of lenders out there, and unless you want to buy a particular home or absolutely want to buy it within a certain period of time, you can hunt around for the best mortgage deal. This means that you can ask for a reduction or elimination of these fees at any time. everytime Ask your potential lenders to do so. You may not be able to knock them all down, but even a few cuts can make a difference.

utility card commission

The world is going paperless and online. In many cases, you no longer receive paper bills from utility companies, etc., and there are processing fees for using a credit card if you pay your bills online.

But you don’t have to pay this ridiculous fee. Most utilities, water and sewage companies accept payment by electronic check or direct bank withdrawal. Electronic checks are basically the same as paper checks. You provide your routing number and account number, and your bank will process your payment as if you had written a check. Setup may take a few minutes, but it’s a safe and free way to keep your lights on.

Overdraft fee

It may seem very helpful when a bank offers “overdraft protection”. Instead of making a mistake and bouncing a check or rejecting a card when your checking account is zero, your bank will politely cover the excess until you can transfer some money to your account. To do.Of course they Typically less than $50.

However, if you borrow a few pennies too much, $50 is exorbitant. Instead of using your bank’s overdraft protection, see if you can link your savings account to your checking account to withdraw overdrafts from your checking account. If that’s not possible, you can turn off overdraft protection and pay attention to insufficient balance alerts that you can set using your bank’s app.

These are the most ridiculous fees you should never pay

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