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“U.S. Allocates $61 Billion to Support Ukraine’s War: What are the Expected Outcomes?”

When President Joe Biden signed an aid package into law, earmarking $61 billion US for Ukraine’s conflict with Russia, his national security adviser cautioned that while the funds would make a difference, there’s no quick fix for this conflict.

Jake Sullivan also noted that it would take time to recover from the delay caused by six months of political wrangling. Nevertheless, he expressed confidence that the funding would bolster Kyiv’s position, emphasizing the administration’s belief that Ukraine can and will prevail.

The aid package, delayed for months due to congressional debates, is expected to bolster Ukraine’s defense against Russia’s ongoing invasion, which has persisted for over two years.

“It’s sufficient to stabilize the front lines,” said Mark Cancian, a retired U.S. Marine colonel and defense logistics expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

However, questions linger about the aid’s ultimate impact on Ukraine’s victory prospects.

“What’s next after stabilizing the front? The Ukrainians need to answer that question. What’s their plan for victory?” said Cancian.

Joe Buccino, a defense analyst, expressed skepticism about Ukraine’s ability to achieve victory and suggested that the aid package alone would not alter the conflict’s trajectory.

“Some U.S. senators even criticized the aid, questioning its effectiveness in securing a Ukrainian victory,” wrote J.D. Vance in an op-ed for The New York Times.

While the influx of weapons may temporarily improve Kyiv’s defense capabilities, analysts stress the need for a long-term strategy.

Matthew Savill, a military expert, highlighted Ukraine’s immediate need for defensive weaponry and cautioned against relying solely on the aid package.

Looking ahead, Savill emphasized the importance of preparing for future operations and building a capable combined arms force.

Despite the challenges, some experts remain optimistic about Ukraine’s prospects.

Alexander Motyl, a political science professor, believes the aid will strengthen Ukraine’s position and potentially shift the balance against Russia.

Moreover, the aid package is seen as a sound investment for the United States, representing a fraction of its defense budget and providing economic benefits domestically, according to James Stavridis, a former NATO commander.

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