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“Ontario Increasing Speed Limits on Select Highways, Including Sections of 401”

The Ford administration plans to raise the speed limit on extensive stretches of its highway network, including significant sections of the 401.

Commencing July 12, Ontario will permanently increase the speed limit to 110 km/h on ten segments of provincial highways across the northern and southern regions of the province.

Over 250 km of Highway 401, encompassing areas around Kingston and Belleville, will witness speed limit increments. Additionally, Highway 403 near Brantford will undergo adjustments, alongside a 60 km stretch between Sudbury and French River in the north.

This 10 km/h elevation follows two years after the government initially introduced the measure on six highway sections in 2022.

Minister of Transportation Prabmeet Sarkaria stated on Wednesday, “Much of Ontario’s highway network was originally designed to safely accommodate speed limits of 110 km/h and data from our changes in 2022 show they do just that.”

“These evidence-based increases are a common-sense change to make life more convenient for Ontario drivers while bringing our highway speed limits in line with other Canadian provinces.”

The initiative to increase speeds commenced through consultations and a pilot in 2019, the year following the formation of Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s government.

The province estimates that following the upcoming changes in July, approximately 36 per cent of the highways it controls will feature speed limits of 110 km/h instead of 100.

However, the increase in speed limit will not affect the threshold for laying stunt driving charges for speeding.

In Ontario, a driver can face a stunt driving charge for exceeding the posted speed limit on highways by 50 km/h or more.

The government clarified that on sections with raised speed limits, 150 km/h will still be considered the threshold for stunt driving.

Below is the comprehensive list of areas slated for speed limit increases:

Highway 401

  • Tilbury: Extending the existing 110 km/h zone further east by 7 km
  • Hwy 35/115 to Cobourg (approximately 35 km)
  • Colborne to Belleville (approximately 44 km)
  • Belleville to Kingston (approximately 66 km)
  • Hwy 16 to the Quebec boundary (approximately 107 km)

Highway 403

  • Woodstock to Brantford (approximately 26 km)
  • Brantford to Hamilton (approximately 14.5 km)

Highway 406

  • Thorold to Welland (approximately 13 km)

Highway 416

  • Hwy 401 to Ottawa (approximately 70 km)

Highway 69

  • Sudbury to French River (approximately 60 km)

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