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Should you stretch before or after your workout?

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When Should You Stretch? Like many aspects of When it comes to fitness, we have different opinions, so to speak, we studied at each school. I stretch before my workout. Because that’s what everyone else is doing.I I gave up on pre-workout stretching Because I felt the cons outweighed the pros.and recently Now I Understand Some Ways Stretching Can Help You Work Out BetterSo let me share what I have learned.

Stretching before training is not mandatory

Break some myths with Lightning Round Style: Static stretching (for example, holding the stretch for 30 seconds) does not “warm up” your muscles.actually move around do it.pre-stretch does not reduce the chance of injury during Good result. And the pain after that doesn’t change. (we rant Learn more about these myths.)

If you are not currently stretching before your workout And you’re happy with how your workout is going, you’re good.

Dynamic stretching is a good option before training

So what should you do instead of stretching?examination Warm-up purpose: met have to prepare for the day’s work. A good warm-up should:

  • It literally warms up your muscles. temperature sensation.
  • make Move your body in a manner similar to or even exaggerated versions of those movements as required by your workout that day.
  • Allows you to practice relevant skills Their movements (for example, crouching on an empty bar before adding weights).

Dynamic stretching does these first two things at once, so it’s usually recommended at the start of a workout over static stretching. Let’s say you are going to run. A few high knees and butt kickers will get your heart rate up, blood flowing, and your quadriceps and hamstrings flexible and ready to move freely.

Foam rolling and other self-massage techniques are also recommended here. He can stretch one muscle at a time without actually having to stretch it. Static stretching may slightly reduce maximal strength or power output. Dynamic stretching is a good option as it involves less stretching and more other warm-up benefits.

Targeted static stretching is also beneficial before a workout

static stretching for no reason It doesn’t deserve a place in a pre-workout routine. But many of us have good reasons to do static stretching before getting into other exercises.

For example, if you tend to have tight ankles, stretching your ankles and calves before a squat workout will help you squat deeper. This can be a form of ankle stretching, or simply grabbing a barbell and sitting at the bottom of the squat for 30 seconds or so on his achilles tendon.

Or, for example, take my shoulder. One physiotherapist advised me to stretch my shoulders before any exercise that involved movement. overhead movement. I was skeptical at first, but she is right. Taking the time to stretch your shoulders first will make it easier to support the bar in the correct position.

Or, as a more extreme example, what do ballet dancers do when they go into practice for the day? There is also a stretch segment. Allow your body to flex before attempting movements that require maximum range of motion.

Post-workout stretching is a great opportunity to increase your flexibility

Finally, we come to the end of training.if you want to Increase flexibility for the futurethe end of a workout is a great time to do it. Warming up muscles after a workout It’s already somewhat flexible. This allows the stretch to go deeper. (If you do stand-alone stretching sessions, doing a little movement, such as aerobic or dynamic he stretches before you sit down to stretch, can also help with this purpose.)

You can also stretch as deep as you like without worrying about stretching. that too It greatly influences what you do next.so if you have flexibility routine You are working, this is the perfect time.

Should you stretch before or after your workout?

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