Ontario Opens up for private IGaming in 2022

In June 2021 Canda lifted the prohibition on single game sports betting. The amendment of the law means that the provinces in Canada can create their own single game sports betting and I-gaming markets. The province of Ontario has already taken its first steps in creating iGaming Ontario that will regulate the I-gaming market within the province. The agency seeks to manage and conduct the internet gaming through the private gaming operators.

The Transition of a Huge Market

With the state-regulated gaming industry being removed in early 2022, private operators that have made an agreement with iGaming Ontario will be able to operate within the province. This will open for one of the largest markets in entire North America with almost 15 million people living in Ontaria it ranks within the top 10 of the largest jurisdictions.  Most people in Canada are familiar with gambling as casino, lotteries and sports betting that have been regulated by the government has been legal. This means that it is only a smaller transition that needs to be made from the brick-and-mortar games to the many online providers.

This put many Canucks in a dilemma, as they will need to find a casino client, that they would like to use in the future. You can get help finding your new favorite site and compare and select Canadian casinos here. The site offers extensive reviews and will keep you up to date as soon as new casino providers appear. Furthermore, it will only feature casinos that are licensed within the province or country. This means that you will always stay safe when dealing with any of the reviewed sites.

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Canadian and Foreign Operators

It is still not certain how many private operators that have applied for an iGaming license. However, it seems clear that it will be both Canadian and foreign operators. With Ontarians spending more than 500 million dollars a year on online gaming, it is not hard to imagine why several operators wants to join the party. One of the more surprising ones to send in an application is Torstar Cooperation. The owners of the largest online news site Toronto Star seeks to keep the gamblers money within their own province in order to support the growth and quality of community-based journalism.

You can be sure that you will also see some of the larger American casino sites enter the Ontarian market, as it will be an easy barrier to break. With the market maturing more will join over the years, and who knows a market cap might be introduced at some point.

With the launch coming up in early 2022 it is a much-anticipated market opening for the gamblers and the new operators. The other provinces in Canada will look their way and try to figure out if they should follow the same footsteps. The I-gaming industry of Canada might change forever with the state-regulated I-gaming law, but the games played will be the same. If you need help finding the best game for you, you can check out our article about casino games. It will make you ready for an industry change and the future of Canadian casinos.


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