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How to play Elden Ring in VR (seriously)

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I’m a big fan of VR and I like games with a particular focus on exploration. Skyrim VR It’s my favorite because it’s nothing more than experiencing the world in the true first person. Therefore, it seems to be suitable for the following games. Elden RingAdmired in the open world of endless expeditions, it features a virtual reality mode for maximum immersiveness. Well, I’m happy to report that such a VR mode exists in the game, but not from official sources, for example.

FromSoftware, the developer behind Elden Ring, Has nothing to do with creating a VR mode for the game. Sure, it’s possible that such a feature is being worked on behind the scenes, but as far as we know, there’s no official plan here. But it’s one of the best parts of PC games. If something doesn’t exist, someone can do it for themselves.It just so happens that that’s exactly how we’re getting Elden Ring VR..

Meet Luke Ross. VR modding. Ross has created a virtual reality mod for AAA titles such as: Red Dead Redemption 2, Grand Theft Auto VWhen Cyberpunk: 2077 After 2017. Elden Ring Only two months have passed, Ross is nearing the completion of the VR prototype of the game. Video below:

If you think of your first playthrough Elden Ring It was breathtaking. Imagine how you would experience the first step surrounded by Lands Between. By the way, Ross designed this mod to play in the first person, which clearly goes against the perspective of a third person in the game.you can Play this VR mod on a third person Ross Encourage players to stick to the first personThe perspective of a third party So This is wide.

Plus, don’t be surprised if your experience is a little overwhelmed, especially if you’re new to intense VR games. Ross makes sure the camera stays locked to his “head” and checks his point of view as he rolls and jumps, but he also says the game is really for players with “VR legs”. .. If you are prone to motion sickness while playing certain VR games, you may feel a little sick here ( Elden Ring Anyway, first-person spooky ass enemies may turn your stomach).

Currently, Ross does not offer this VR experience.You need to subscribe to check out yourself Patreon of Ross, Runs for $ 10 per month.However, you can only access it Elden Ring VRThe subscription also provides steps and assistance for setting up all Ross VR projects, as well as VR mods for your game.

Loss ‘ Elden Ring The mod hasn’t been published at the time of this article, but he claims that the first prototype should be available to subscribers starting this week. If you are interested in this project, or any other VR venture in Ross, please pay attention to this account.

You will need the following copy to play the mod when it is available. Elden Ring PC, and compatible VR hardware. If you run into problems trying to run a mod on your side, be sure to see Patreon (after all, this is part of your subscription).

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How to play Elden Ring in VR (seriously)

Source link How to play Elden Ring in VR (seriously)

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