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How to grow an edible flower garden

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Planning your garden can be difficult when it comes to weighing both shape and function, but you don’t have to choose between a flower garden and an edible garden. By planting an edible flower garden, you can take advantage of both. This is great for adding color splashes to plates and gardens.

There are many edible plants that have flowers and can be added to the garden bed with little effort. In addition to seeds and cultivated flowers that can be grown from the beginning, it is also worth investigating local native edible flowers as they are beneficial to pollen maters and local wildlife. (You can use this tool to find native species of local wildflowers in your community. National Wildlife Federation, Or through the local horticultural association or park department. )

Why you should plant green onions in your edible garden

Although this may not seem like a natural choice, onions and their relatives may normally consider growing only in vegetable fields, but in reality they have beautiful edible flowers. Allioideae plants have edible flowers of various heights and colors, making them suitable for edible gardens.

for example, Chives Grow purple tufted flowers, both edible When Help the aphids discourage snacking on your greens.You also try Wild onionsAlso great for stopping aphids, there are several types. Other related plants with nice edible flowers are: Wild garlic, Drumstick leekWhen Persian blue onion..

Why you should plant herbs in your edible garden

Some plants, such as herbs, traditionally used for leaves also have edible flowers that can add both flavor and color to the plate. DillFor example, you can plant it in a flower garden and eat its small yellow flowers and lace leaves.Includes other herbs with edible flowers Anise hyssop, mintWhen chamomile..

Many of the herbs traditionally cultivated to utilize the leaves also have edible flowers, making them ideal for edible flower gardens. In addition to their look and taste, many herbal plants give off a pleasant scent. This is an additional bonus.

Plant edible decorative flowers

Some plants that are not traditionally grown for food have edible flowers, that too.These include: Marigold, It also acts as a deterrent to pests and is ideal for attracting pollen maters.Other kinds of decorative flowers You can eat Nasturtium, pansyWhen lilac.. Mixing Tall varieties, Like lilac and drumstick leeks With the flowers below Like a pansy, Create depth and give your garden many beautiful layers.

Benefits of kMix with that

If you’re not ready to hand it over-Choose your flower, you can get Assortment of edible flower seeds or kit To grow edible flowers. Edible wildflower mix Is also available, but you need to check For best results, get the flowers that grow naturally in your area.

If you are looking for a wide variety of flowers, be careful about buying a mix. Among the premixed seeds, there may be many of one type, or they may be made from sweeps and contaminated with other seeds. Obtaining edible flower seeds from sources where germination rate and seed content are known is a good way to ensure high quality products.

How to grow an edible flower garden

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