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How to get your dog to work without cramping

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June 24 by chance Although it’s National Bring Your Dog to Work Day, many people take their dogs to the office or other specialized space more often than once a year.— —The usual To the joy of their colleagues.It’s great for dogs that don’t have to Stay in Anxiously waiting house Their loved ones are back and it can be really fun for employees —However, the act of taking a puppy to the workspace still requires planning to do it right.

Make sure your dog is trained and ready to be around strangers

Per ChewyThere are some basic commands your dog should learn before you take your dog to your office, but the good news is that these are what you probably already worked on with them Is to be.. Your fur baby needs to know these commands before entering the workplace:

  • sit
  • Stop
  • come
  • Move to [place]
  • Leave it as it is

Your dog must also be crate-trained or at least accustomed to the gate, as you still have to actually do it work You can’t be with them every second. Chewy recommends getting a toy to dispense the treat to make it easier to deal with.

Do not run your dog in the office without supervision. They can be annoying, confusing, lost, or in danger. If your dog isn’t used to “sitting” and “staying” or has trouble staying close to you, they aren’t ready for this adventure.

Make sure your colleague is cool in the presence of your dog

Ask the people working around you if it’s good for you to bring your dog.This is not one of those times “It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than to get permission” works For example, if someone is deadly allergy Or if you’re afraid to die of your dog, or just don’t want to work with your dog Execution of such a distraction Around it. You may enjoy saving money on dog sitters or showing off your petBut HR writingIs it worth it?

Speaking of HR, check in with your department or boss to make sure you’re even allowed to bring in Fluffy.Many offices allow it, but your company or Build it— It prevents it.

Also, keep in mind: If an animal causes confusion or upsets someone, you are not allowed to bring your animal back, and you are It may actually cause trouble. So please do your homework in advance.

Pack the appropriate equipment

In addition to the treat-giving toys mentioned above, if you expect your dog to hang out in the office for more than 8 hours, you’ll need to pack a fair amount of luggage for your dog. confusion. Here’s what you need:

  • Boxes or other ways to transport them, and / or They can hang out when you haven’t given them head skriches Under the desk
  • Chains for when they need a restroom break
  • Water bowl
  • Food bowl (And food)
  • feast
  • Comfortable blanket for a nap time
  • Lots of toys —It ’s not noisy,
  • Pee pad just in case

Be prepared so that this is not a normal working day

People will probably stop by to see your dog, and the furry visitor news will travel far and wide, so be prepared for intermittent interruptions. To your productivity. You also need to take your dog out frequently for restroom breaks. This is not only to make the dog comfortable, but also to avoid the fear and impact of doing business in the office. Plan for that, Also, do not bring your dog if you do not think you will have time to interrupt multiple times on a particular day. It’s not fair to dogs and colleagues.

The Rover dog experts suggest If your dog is overly destructive, you’re heading to the conference room for a while, I took a long walk for lunch and got tired. They also suggest appointing one of your colleagues as a “point person” to take care of the dog’s secondary when you need to work.Or just take break.Make sure you and that person agree with you Share part of responsibility Previous You bring a dog.

After all, keeping your pet close at work is fun and rewarding, but it’s a privilege (and a privilege). responsibility) Do not take lightly.As Mars Pet Care points outIt’s up to you to check your Dog Safety, and Your Colleague’s Safety-And It Includes: Do not interfere with the ability of others to actually take action work. If you (or your dog) don’t think it’s ready, Don’t stuff your dog.

How to get your dog to work without cramping

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