How coffee shop Barcelona works

Coffee shop Barcelona: what you need to know about Cannabis Social Clubs.

Are you in Barcelona and want a fun 360° experience? It is good to know how Barcelona coffee shops and the Spanish Cannabis Social Club work and where to buy weed in Barcelona.

How coffee shops in Barcelona work

An annual membership card is required to enter the coffee shops in Barcelona. But above all it is essential to have reached the age of majority, which here is set at 21 years.

The card is issued directly by the Social Club upon signature of the holder who confirms compliance with the rules of the place and the payment of a registration fee which varies from 20 to 60 euros. At the discretion of the Club. Even if the cost of the card seems too high or expensive to perhaps use the entrance only once.

It’s always better to make this small investment than buying weed off the street from a stranger without knowing where it comes from.

But above all without being at risk of arrest or prosecution by the police. Because here the purchase is legal. Or rather the use is legal.

In fact, the dealing of any kind of narcotic substance is prohibited here, as well as the resale outside the premises. Indeed, the possession of cannabis on the streets of Barcelona remains subject to large fines. However, always be very careful of scammers and unauthorized clubs!

How to recognize the right one

Meanwhile, we must say that if you have the opportunity since you are not a local, it would be better if someone who already knows the place accompanies you. Recognizing Cannabis Social Clubs Barcelona is not easy. They usually may not have signs and often have strange symbols from the door. Maybe better to inquire around, since they are not illegal.

For Social Clubs there are precise rules to follow if they do not want to incur closure or incur onerous fines. Meanwhile, by law they should produce Cannabis and other types of related herbs in a declared space for the exclusive use of the premises and members. But it is also true that when the number of members increases it is almost impossible to produce it all internally and privately. Then a part will be imported.

You can also read up on the net or on Google, you will find various information on the membership of the Social Clubs so maybe you have some more information on the costs and recognize the location. Also, you can’t enter so freely but it is mandatory to have an invitation. Often if you are not a resident of Spain it is not possible to enter so you should be accompanied by a contact person who vouches for you.

But don’t worry, there are different types of Clubs. Unfortunately, many are also of poor quality. How do you know if a club is bad? Meanwhile, you can already get an idea from the environment and the people who enter and leave. Also, a serious coffee shop doesn’t advertise or have promoters around town. But generally it is a well- kept, serene environment and you should feel at ease.

What to say and not to say

It is important for these coffee shops not to say the word buy. Even if that’s what you obviously do. But for a member, this is precisely the purpose of membership, we talk about consumption and use. So when one goes to the Club he is consuming weed as a member and as such he is using a common good.

But in fact you buy it. But even here there is a purchase limit. No! Consumable! Because the common point of all Social Clubs is that they are not for profit. And when you donate money to get weed or extract in exchange, you are donating a sum of money for the common maintenance of the cultivable space.

The limits set for the consumption of Cannabis is set by the Club and is at its discretion. It may vary from locale to locale. Legally there is a daily, weekly and monthly limit for each member.

In conclusion, it is best to specify that in these coffee shops or rather Cannabis Social Clubs, the rules are very different from the Dutch ones. In Amsterdam they are real public places while in Spain access is for the exclusive use of members.

And to become a member you must show identity documents and a driving license and in any case leave your documents. The card that will be issued to you must be shown at the reception and must be shown every time you want to enter.



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