Can I Mix CBD Products with Food?

The growing public interest in the beneficial effects of CBD has encouraged them to try different ways to take this cannabinoid. In addition to popular ways to enjoy the natural benefits of CBD, users have started mixing it with the food.

Infusing CBD to meals and beverages makes it convenient to take CBD. Moreover, you can enjoy the beneficial effects of cannabidiol without having any unpleasant taste.

But you need to seek answers to the following questions before committing yourself to this way of CBD consumption. Does taking CBD with food alter its effects in any way, such as changing its bioavailability? What effects does it leave on taste when one mixes CBD with food? The answers to these questions could determine if it is a good idea to infuse CBD into food. Let’s talk about it.

CBD oil in food

Can you add CBD oil to food? The answer is yes. You can easily add CBD oil to your food and drink. It is very straightforward to accomplish it without using any complicated technology or crazy techniques. The unique composition of CBD oil allows it to mix well with other substances.

When you add CBD oil to the food, you do not need to worry about any reaction between the compound and your food ingredients. CBD is fat-soluble and perfectly pair with oil. Your food is deliciously potent, which will get you full and feel amazing.

CBD oil for acid reflux

Many CBD users report CBD intake helps them better deal with acid reflux, especially the burning sensation. The flow of gastric acid from the stomach could cause a burning sensation, which may turn worse to cause inflammation. These inflammations are usually the cause of acid reflux.

CBD not only helps to address the heartburn symptoms but also interacts with the body’s ECS system to promote the regulation of gastric acid production.

Taking edibles empty stomach

Whether you take edibles on an empty stomach or full stomach, they are safe to consume; however, the effects would be different in each case. Taking edibles empty stomach will let you experience faster and potent effects. On a full stomach, it will take effects longer to kick in and last longer.

Putting CBD oil in coffee

As an active ingredient of coffee, caffeine makes users feel altered, focused, and awake. It can also make people feel anxious, increase heart rate, and give them jitters. Adding CBD oil in coffee makes an ultimate combination where it negates the side effects of caffeine. For example, by adding CBD oil or tincture to coffee, users experience longer-acting benefits of caffeine and CBD without any anxious feelings.

CBD chocolate

CBD chocolate offers a more flavorful way to consume CBD, which otherwise has an unpleasant taste. It is convenient to carry around chocolate with you and take a dose at the place and time of your choice. Moreover, CBD chocolate makes cannabidiol intake super easy, and you no need to worry about calculating your doze.

The combination of CBD and chocolate can potentially interact with the body’s cannabinoid receptors, especially anandamide. The sugar in chocolate enhances the effects of anandamide by nourishing the ECS system. It improves numerous cognitive and physical processes in the body. In this way, the combination of CBD and chocolate uplifts wellness, as users feel an improvement in their moods and physical conditions.

CBD candy effects

CBD candies are also known as gummies; they come in different dosages and flavors. These candies may take 30-60 minutes to take effect. Just like other edibles, CBD candies absorb in the digestive tract before active ingredients enter the bloodstream and travel to the liver.

After the liver metabolizes them, these ingredients once again enter the bloodstream and travel to the brain. Here they start to leave their effects. Therefore, it takes longer for effects to kick in when you take CBD edibles. Some of the ingredients of CBD are lost during the digestive process; therefore, intake of CBD candies offers less bioavailability than other consumption methods.


Adding CBD to food makes it super convenient to take your daily dose of CBD. You will not only avoid the unpleasant taste of CBD by combining CBD and food, but it also alters the effects in terms of onset time, duration, and more. Therefore, you can infuse CBD into any of your favorite food or drink to enjoy all the beneficial effects associated with CBD.


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