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After the death of a celebrity, only those who dislike it say

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It’s normal to be sad when a celebrity dies..Indeed, it probably shows you Had something Parasocial relationships With that person ( They probably didn’t know who you ), But they may have Meaning something for you —Even if the people around you don’t seem to understand it. general, People want to be kind and kind When the one they love is mourning the death of another, but when it becomes a celebrity, they may think of you Condolences Overly dramatic— Therefore, cOff that sounds like a real dislike.

Let’s see how no Being that person when someone you love is saddened by the death of the musician you haven’t even seen at a concert..

First, understand why people are upset

Bradley Bond, an associate professor and chair of communication research at the University of San Diego, said of parasocial relationships, media expression, and communication. The sadness of celebrities and fictional characters. He told Lifehacker that the parasocial relationship was perfectly healthy, so it makes sense for an individual to be sad when he feels an attachment to the death of a celebrity.

Losing a celebrity in your life-whether they voluntarily do something unpleasant, Or unknowingly because they died-known as “parasocial division”. Studies show that in these examples, a person with a parasocial relationship with a public figure experiences a stage of sadness similar to that experienced when losing a real friend.

So when your loved one shows a great deal of sadness to your favorites Child actoryou should not do Please say the following:

“Why are you upset? You didn’t even know them.”

If you don’t know someone, you may not seem nervous when you die, but it actually has the opposite effect. I don’t know anyone, but when I see them on the cover of a magazine or in a movie, they do a kind of thing in mythical status.

“Celebrities represent an element of our collective consciousness,” said clinical director and founder Brook Sprawl. My LA therapy.. “When the icon falls, it can shatter our delusions of comfort and safety … this exposes the fear of our own death and the death of others in our lives. It is possible. This sadness we feel is often a symbolic process of death as a concept. “

“Did they be so famous? I don’t know who they are.”

This reaction is common among B-tier actors, actresses, comedians, and underground rap artists.It doesn’t matter if you I knew who was who.Their work was valuable to others..

“It’s not the obituary I wanted to read today.”

This phrase is Frequent tweets After the death of a celebrity or politician. To be clear, I hate to take advantage of the death of a public figure to let you know that someone else (perhaps the other side of the political passage, or a celebrity in another category) wants to die. It is not. Instead.

The maxim “If you have nothing to say, say nothing” also applies when you say “good” on the surface of the deceased.

“Why wasn’t there this level of protest? [other famous person] Did you die? “

“We feel genuine, socially attractive, and in a sense tend to build social and emotional bonds with individuals like us,” Bond said. “We don’t have the same level of social or emotional involvement, so I think we can easily explain why we don’t have the same emotional response to the deaths of all celebrities.”

He expects the same reaction, just as much of the research on parasocial relationships contrasts with interpersonal relationships, and no one has the same reaction when two friends die. I said I can’t. Two public figures die.

“No one cares? They just [reality star/comedian/social media influencer/whatever].. “

It pops up, for example, when a vine star or a reality show contestant dies. A version of this may also be displayed when a celebrity dies in a way that critics deem unrespectable or otherwise unrespectable. It’s unnecessarily rude, Negative. When you die, pray that no one will tell you. They were accountants with 732 Twitter followers. You shouldn’t have driven in poor visibility. “

What to say instead

connect He talked about some of his favorite memories of the deceased, reassured him that it was okay to feel his feelings, and encouraged him to think “nostalgic.”

“The first step to that is validation, which could be even more so in this case. [with] The death of a celebrity, it may feel unjustified, but we are still experiencing it, “Bond said.

Ask what you can do to help them feel better, but keep verification in mind.

After the death of a celebrity, only those who dislike it say

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