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According to pilots, how to overcome fear of flying

According to the pilot, an image of an article titled How to Overcome Fear of Flying

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Estimated 25 million Americans have fear of flying.. and,Although Fear is completely natural —What kind of feeling Stay thereWhat happens, especially if there is eddy?— —It can have significantly Negative Impact on human life..But there is something simple Mental image Invented by airline pilots TikTok round, it It may be useful the next time you are on a bumpy plane.

How to overcome fear of flying

AAustralian Tik Tok Star Anna Paul Recently showed a way of thinking About airplanes It provides an intuitive explanation of how they can stay in the air, even during eddy. In videoPole stick Pieces of stuffed menstrual pads Into A cup of jelly.Point to the napkin (airplane”)Staying still, she’s under pressure Jelly (“air”) It is the one that keeps the napkin that exerts its power from all directions. In place-Same way The plane can stay in the sky.

Pole Shake the cup, napkin It remains as it is.this is airBy Airplane Eddy. “Swaying doesn’t mean it will fall automatically,” Paul said. “You don’t have to be scared.”

Is the air really like Jero?

Imagine the surrounding air Airplanes like Jero may grow a bit, but they’re closer to reality than you might think.As an airline pilot and licensed therapist Tom VanInvented this exercise, explained in his book Sore: A breakthrough cure for the horror of flightThe faster you go, the more pressure you have The air acts on us and the pressure is equal to the pressure of Jero until it is fast enough.

As Van wrote in his book, “The higher the speed in the air, the harder it is to pass. It’s easier when walking in the air at 5 mph. To bike in the air at 25 MPH, everything that non-racers can get together At 50 mph in the car, pushing forward through the window requires the same effort as putting your hand in the pool and pushing forward. This penetrates it. For vehicles, 50 MPH of air means as thick as the water in the pool. At 80 MPH, the air becomes like oil or sugar. As far as airplanes are concerned, at takeoff speeds of 140-200 MPH, air. Was converted to a solid like gelatin. “

Imagine the next time you board an airplane and find yourself waiting for takeoff, the faster you go down the runway, the thicker the air gets. It’s as thick as jelly.

According to pilots, how to overcome fear of flying

Source link According to pilots, how to overcome fear of flying

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