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YouTube has a hidden list of keyboard shortcuts

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Using the app on your Mac or PC makes it easy to find keyboard shortcuts. If you look at the functions in the menu, you will often see the corresponding keyboard shortcuts. You can use it to speed up the process. Websites, on the other hand, often do not show these shortcuts, even if they are so numerous, that they can stumble when you accidentally press a key.After all, many websites conduct I have a master list of keyboard shortcuts and I just hide them behind a specific keyboard shortcut.

So what is this secret shortcut to unlock all hidden keyboard shortcuts? Shift + /.. Or, of course ??..

YouTube has a long list of hidden keyboard shortcuts

This button combo is a ticket to show a hidden list of keyboard shortcuts for your favorite website. The first thing I encountered while browsing youtube: somehow I accidentally hit Shift + /, And suddenly I was presented with a complete collection of keyboard shortcuts for this site. Many of these shortcuts I already knew, as you may already know: K Play and pause the video, J When L Rewind and fast forward respectively. However, other shortcuts may surprise you. You can rewind the frame and fast forward-To-Using a frame , When .. Pausing.You can also use to slow down or speed up the playback speed < When >> >> ((((Shift +,) When (Shift +.).

It’s a good idea to scan the entire list to see if any of these keyboard shortcuts are available for the first time, and if they might actually help you in your next YouTube binge. As a person taking screenshots on YouTube as part of his work, Frame-To-Frame scanning is especially useful.

The image in the article titled YouTube has a hidden list of keyboard shortcuts

screenshot: Jake Peterson

Many websites also hide keyboard shortcuts from users.

It’s not just YouTube. Keyboard shortcuts are hidden on other popular websites that you use every day. Shift + /..For example, Twitter told me that g + m Start DM and u u When X You can mute and block accounts respectively. Facebook also has a list of keyboard shortcuts: you may know it L I like posting, but did you know that you can use it? / / Can I search Facebook or pin a keyboard shortcut in the lower right corner of the window and change it according to what I’m doing? This is the most useful option I have ever seen.

Other websites that have found hidden lists of these keyboard shortcuts are Reddit, Spotify web apps, WhatsApp web apps, and Cramps. I’d like to know how many websites optionally include these hidden keyboard shortcuts, but it’s hard to find information on this subject. Until then, it’s best to experiment with your frequently used websites. It doesn’t seem to matter which browser you use (shortcuts work in both Chrome and Safari).

This feature is similar to what it does on an iPad OS with a keyboard attached. InstructionsYou will see a complete list of keyboard shortcuts for the particular app you are using (I have Many Of thatthat too).

YouTube has a hidden list of keyboard shortcuts

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