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You’re going to catch a skip lag, and it’s not going to be clean

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Flying due to rising fuel and labor costs, coupled with unprecedented inflation Ticket prices this summer are nothing but astronomical.So those who are planning a vacation now I’m looking for a way to save money on air travel. A tactic that has grown in popularity over the last few years to save on airfare is the practice of “skipping.”When booking an itinerary Layover In fact, it is the true intended destination of the traveler.The idea is that you can find a cheaper connecting flight at your midpoint Real destination Than if you fly directly to the city. That’s a wise idea. Unfortunately it is It’s not good.

To understand skip lag, you need to understand the website that is the most popular provider of this practice. Skip lag.. Founded in 2013, this website is proud of its opportunities Save over $ 100 on flights Use their practice. It also quickly found itself in the hot water, Faced with proceedings from United Airlines and Orbitz Both were dissatisfied with the practice,His case Rejected And the website was allowed to continue.

EEven if the airline doesn’t win the court battle They still have the ability to punish those who engage in skip lag. United Airlines fines passengers A person who actually participates repeatedly. American Airlines reportedly sent passengers an invoice of $ 2,500 In connection with the identification of 52 cases of skip lag.The former too Threatening to use an external debt collection agency, It causes a big headache to you at best and, in the worst case, adversely affects your credit.In addition, passengers may face the possibility of bans from airlines, if so. The practice was considered to be in breach of their contract of carriage.

I firmly believe in taking an unconventional route to save money, bOnly for ut The route is With a service that saves a few dollars Also Don’t make your life more difficult. SFor now I’m kicking the skip lag.ofinstead of, Save money by Flying in That airline You will be able to use wifi for free Or to you Change flights at no additional charge..

You’re going to catch a skip lag, and it’s not going to be clean

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