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Your Mac has a hidden white noise generator

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If you want to drown out environmental noise, or if you like white noise in the background while you work, try White Noise Generator for Mac. This feature is built into every Mac that actually runs. macOS Venturayou need to know where to find it.

How to enable background sounds in macOS Ventura

The White Noise Generator can be found in your Mac’s Settings menu.click apple logo in the upper left corner of the screen System setting. Then select accessibility in the left sidebar audio Click.go to background sound section to enable background soundOnce that’s done, you can choose from a wide variety of sounds for Mac.click Choose Click the button to display the following options:

  • balanced noise
  • bright noise
  • dark noise
  • ocean
  • rain
  • stream

Press the download button next to the sound you want to download. T.It’s saved on your Mac so you can play it offline.

The previous settings page has several convenient option You should check out too.Initially background sound volume, you can set the volume level of the audio file.After choosing a comfortable volume, enable Turn off background sounds when you’re not using your Mac. This setting The sound stops when the Mac goes to sleep.

How to generate white noise on older versions of macOS

Unfortunately, Apple’s background sound capabilities are limited to: A Mac capable of running VenturaIf you have an older Mac, you can use other tools to play white noise in the background. Music streaming services usually have pretty good collections of white noise.here are some examples Spotify, apple musicWhen YoutubeAlternatively, you can try a white noise app like this: Neusio.

Your Mac has a hidden white noise generator

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