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Your iPhone has a hidden tactile keyboard

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At that time, the keyboard of the telephone The actual keyboard. When you enter, You had to press Physical keyProvided tactile feedback when sending text..touch screens Changed everything. now, Tap something that doesn’t loosen Glass slab. If you keep your iPhone quiet, you wThere is no fake keyboard click, indicating that the character was a successful hit...That is our current way of life..

But software developers compromise to us Smartphone keyboard. You probably won’t go back to your physical smartphone, keyboard (RIP BlackBerry), Latest phone Can provide some tactile response while typing via Tactile feedback.

Tactile feedback is a vibration intended to simulate what you are doing on your mobile phone. Tactile feedback is subtle, unlike traditional vibrations, which are often uniform and loud. You will notice this when scrolling through iPhone options, such as when setting a timer.As you scroll through the different times, you’ll feel a series of subtle “tap” corresponding to each, as you would when you turn the dial of the safe...It’s a nice feature that makes your phone feel It’s a little more three-dimensional.

Tactile feedback is possible on the iPhone thanks to the Taptic Engine. Apple first advertised the iPhone 7 hardware. This makes everything from 3D Touch (again, RIP) to scrolling feel more accurate. Standard vibration.Still, for years The company didn’t bring Technology On the keyboard-but Other developers I was there to fill the gap with a third party app..

Apple has added haptic feedback to the iOS 16 keyboard

When iOS 16Apple We’ve finally added haptic feedback as an option for stock keyboards, but now we need an uneven third-party solution... Having too many keyboards on your phone can quickly become annoying, as if you’re like me, you’ll always accidentally switch between them. TThere is also a third party keyboard Privacy issues: You need to enable “Full Access” on the keyboard to the app. This will pass the app unnecessarily. Data entry.

If I can manage it, I prefer to use the built-in keyboard. Adding haptic feedback to a standard iOS keyboard makes the decision to continue using it even easier.

How to use a haptic keyboard on your iPhone

For Now you need to Download and install iOS 16 Beta If you want to try keyboard tactile feedback, send it to your iPhone.If you don’t want to run beta software on the primary Devices (usually smart moves) can wait for Apple to release new software this fall.

Once you With iOS 16 on the iPhone, it’s easy (although hidden) to enable haptic feedback. first,[設定]Open and tap Sound and touchThen select Keyboard feedback..[音]Under[触覚]Tap.Now, whenever you type, you feel Subtle vibration.if that’s it Not perfect Duplicates the physical keyboard experience, it provides the same feeling of positive reinforcement.. If the tactile sensation doesn’t suit you, go back to this menu and turn off the setting.

Your iPhone has a hidden tactile keyboard

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