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Your iPhone 14 has a hidden startup sound

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The Macks startup sound rightfully iconic, but that’s unusual.none for other Apple devices Startupwhich depends only on the presence of Use the company’s logo to let users know their iPhone or iPad is on.If you wish of Like the old school chime, or when your device chimes, you’re in luck: debtOr for the first time ever, the iPhone 14 Start-up When shutdown sound. they are just hidden.

with twitter users tech youtuber Martin Nobel gave us a hint:

Before you ask, no: these chimes sadly Not available on older iPhones. your iPhone 13 After upgrading to iOS 16, it still has silence on startup and shutdown, but my friend’s new iPhone 14 has an option to play sound instead. Reason for new model limitation It doesn’t necessarily encourage you to buy a new phone (but Apple wants you to buy an iPhone 14 for some reason); The company does not advertise After all, it is It’s something iPhone 14 users discovered for themselves after diving into the device’s settings.

According to 9to5Mac, the chime is built into the iPhone 14’s A16 chip and acts as part of the “bootrom” that runs when the phone first boots up. At that point, iOS isn’t really running yet, so the only way to get the chime to ring right away is to embed it in the chip’s firmware. If that’s true, Apple can’t issue updates for older devices to allow these same boot his chimes. However, in that description, the non-Pro iPhone 14 models are: Still using last year’s A15 processor (According to the Verge, although there is “a little more grunt”), There are also features.Perhaps Apple programmed the sound to A15 chips enter the standard iPhone 14? So mysterious. (I contacted Apple to confirm. I will explain. )

but it worksfor no reason Apple failed to issue an update that would allow the iPhone to chime when in iOS. To do to start, or just before the OS shuts down. I wonder if it’s different from the feeling that you can hear the tone according to the appearance of the instrument. Apple’s logo Apple Geek Might Still Scratch That ItchYet its existence iPhone 14 suggests that likely to be included Even on future iPhones, as an accessibility feature, this makes sense, allowing low-vision users to audibly confirm that their phone is on.

How to Enable Hidden Startup and Shutdown Sounds for iPhone 14

screenshot: Florence Ion/Gizmodo

Turning on these chimes is easy. Open the Settings app, Accessibility > Audio/Visual.TTap the toggle next to Power on and off soundThe next time you shut down your iPhone Or power cycle and hear a fun chimeThis is not a Mac-specific “Bong!” But it’s exactly the same.

Your iPhone 14 has a hidden startup sound

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