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Your City May Ban Leaf Blowers

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there is Good reason to hate leaf blowers: Noisy, vulgar and bad for the environment as well as your health. No wonder more and more cities across the United States are restricting its use and even banning it outright.

Over 100 cities across the United States have banned petrol-powered leaf blowers. at least part of the year. Pollution is definitely a concern, but the main reason for these bans is how much noise leaf blowers make, which is why it is dealt with at the local level. If you want to check the rules, first check your city, town, or county noise ordinance. Local news reports also require additional information.

If you’re using a leaf blower for garden maintenance and it’s “banned” in your area, be sure to read the fine print. Because every city or town does it a little differently. Most rules do not outright ban leaf blowers. Instead, it regulates when and where it can be used. Here in Portland, Oregon.for example, “city ​​code Limit leaf blower daytime use to 7a.m. from 7p.m. in all residential zones. But it’s not always that simple: newton, massachusetts Bans all gas leaf blowers from Memorial Day through Labor Daybut allow one electric or battery-powered blower per lot in the meantime. and holidays. There is also a tiered fine system based on the number of violations. It’s all very complicated. (I’m happy We are not responsible for lawns in Newton, Massachusetts.)

Bottom line: Before you start your leaf blower for the season, double check your local regulations to avoid getting fined. It’s a great opportunity. explore other options.

Your City May Ban Leaf Blowers

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