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Your “broken” Switch Pro controller is probably fine, in fact

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Joy-Cons are great about what they are, but they have some big ones hindrance.Apart from them Notorious drifting problemThe controller is It’s not ideal to hold, especially if you have big hands. Have A small button that makes accurate gameplay difficult.switch Pro Controller fixes many of these issues. and $ 70, that’s a little Expensive (but cheaper than the two new Joy-Cons)But it is Excellent game console It adheres to the “professional” label.. On condition that it works.

WYour $ 70 investment suddenly Stop Working, it’s not fun.. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the game is over. It may start as follows: When I press the HOME button on the ProController, nothing happens. The battery should be dead, right? So I connected the controller to the switch dock, but the charging LED doesn’t light up. strange.Maybe it For real It is dead and needs to be charged overnight. I come and go at night, but there is still no charging light.

At this point you may throw a towel.Pro controller clearly There are some flaws..Please pack and send Ask Nintendo to repair it and work on Joy-Cons until the ProController is fixed.

However, ProController may not It breaks.problem May have Easy fix —Your pro controller may have Just unpair it from the switch and you’ll have to re-pair it ( Repaired). To start working again.

How to fix a Switch Pro Controller that is not charging

To re-pair the Switch Pro controllerUConnect it from you After docking, press the SYNC button next to the charging port above The top of the controller. that’s it. If you’re lucky, the controller will hold back from death Ability to both charge the switch and power it on and control it.

This hint is This Reddit threadWhere u user imnotgoats experienced five stages of sadness when the Pro Controller became unresponsive. Ready to open the device and replace the battery or board (Which iFixit will guide you). When you find it enough to press the SYNC button..

That’s an interesting issue. Normally, when you connect the Pro Controller to the dock with the switch connected, the controller and system are automatically paired.Why the process collapses Sometimes mysterious, but fortunately, the SYNC button still exists for wireless pairing purposes.

Alternative solution to fix Broken pro controller

If this SYNC button trick doesn’t work, please exclude some others Factors before sending it to repair or buy a new one.. Test the USB cable you are using to connect the Pro Controller to the switch dock to make sure it works...Similarly, make sure you can charge other items with the switch dock itselfOr test one of the other USB ports.. Nintendo also recommends trying a new dockIf possible, but if you don’t have friends Near it They will gladly lend you, it’s not a very realistic troubleshooting step..

Your “broken” Switch Pro controller is probably fine, in fact

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