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you should soak your plants

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Most potted plants, whether you live indoors or outdoors, need some maintenance. I have. Additionally, dirt, dust, and other debris can settle on (or under) over time. leaf.

To address these and other hydration-related issues, some gardeners choose to soak their plants in water.

Why Dunk Plants?

Soaking plants in water sounds exactly like that (I’ll explain the process below), but why would you do that?

As I mentioned before, Houseplants become dustyIf enough dust accumulates on the leaves, it can prevent light from passing through. interfere with photosynthesisSoaking in water helps remove dust and other things that shouldn’t be on the leaves (or stems) of the plant.

Similarly, if any pest If you make your plants home, soaking them in water will quickly drive them out. This is especially important when moving outdoor plants indoors during the winter.

Finally, soaking is a way to rehydrate houseplants in soils that tend to repel water.hydrophobic soil” This is a common problem potting soil containing peat (that’s a lot). Peat retains moisture, but when it dries out, it is difficult to rewet and can result in hydrophobic soils.

how to dunk a plant

B.Find out if dunking is recommended before doing anything else. your specific type plant. This is especially true for succulents. gardening Expert Whether dunking them is helpful or harmful isn’t all on the same page.

Now, for dunks:

small foliage plant

  • Fill your sink, basin and bucket with lukewarm/room temperature water.
  • Place your hands on the plant and soil to keep the plant from moving.Some gardeners recommend plant reversal,Other people Dunk with right side upPlease use your judgment.
  • Completely submerge the plant in water.
  • Gently swirl the leaves in the water to ensure that any dust, dirt, or pests (live or dead) are removed.
  • The plant should bubble to the surface as the air in the pot is replaced by water.
  • Remove the plant from the water when it stops bubbling. Hold it over the sink/basin for a few seconds to let it drain.
  • Place the plant on a flat surface that you don’t mind getting wet, as the plant will continue to drain. When the water stops coming out of the bottom of the pot, you can go back to where you started.

Large houseplants and outdoor plants

The process of soaking large houseplants and outdoor plants in water is basically the same as the process above, except that you use a large container (like a large plastic tote bag) and that the plant is in the water. Except sometimes don’t try to turn the plant upside down. Also:

  • Large potted plants that are too large or awkward to dunk I take a shower instead.
  • If you water outdoor plants before moving them for winter, Gardening Expert Suggestions Add a few drops of detergent-free natural soap/cleanser to the container (this is one She uses), soak the plants, then rinse the container, fill it with fresh (non-soap) water, and soak the plants again.

How often should plants be watered?

Let’s say you just put the plant in the bath (or shower). When is their next appointment?

You definitely don’t want to water your plants, so daily or weekly soaking is not a good idea.Enning Recommended by experts Dunk houseplants monthly (in addition to the normal watering schedule), meanwhile Others have suggested doing it as needed.

you should soak your plants

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