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You should rethink stainless steel appliances (and what to use instead)

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Oh, the kitchen — an indispensable room and battlefield for modern life.Easily the most expensive refurbishment You will ever supervise, Average “midrange ”Kitchen remodeling costs about $ 76,000according to Remodeling magazine.. Its cost and stress infuse great emotion and fear into every design decision. Therefore, the trend and default design choices are very comfortable. Why stainless steel is so popular in our kitchens. I rarely see stainless steel in the kitchen before the age of 21st Century, but A combination of thinking ahead of the future and cooking men Made of stainless steel the The default choice for stylish appliances.

But is stainless steel always the best choice?There is no reason for your finish, depending on your design preferences and personal preferences Must Stainless steel — and more traditional choices like white and black have become (mostly unfairly) related to “cheap” or “budget”, but sometimes they are better designed. Represents the decision of.Let’s dig into why there is no stainless steel everytime Your best option.

I have stainless steel With strengths Disadvantages

have understoodBefore digging deep into the rabbit hole, let’s clarify one thing. Stainless steel is a great finishing choice for several reasons:

  • durability. Stainless steel is noteworthy. It does not rust, melt or distort under normal cooking conditions, is relatively easy to clean and removes minor damage.
  • exterior. It wasn’t hypnotized in 2001 to love the look of stainless steel. very pretty, Inspire a professional atmosphere, Works with almost any design palette.
  • It’s indisputable. If you are terribly unsure of your design wisdom, going with stainless steel is always a safe choice.

But it’s always it, just because stainless steel is generally a good choice. number one It brings some drawbacks, so choose:

  • cleaning. Stainless steel shows all the dirt, spills, and crumbs in your kitchen. If you have children or pets, it looks like a crime scene with all the traces of your fingers and feet. You will be cleaning constantly.
  • cost. Stainless steel is not always the most expensive finish, but it is often — and it is rarely your most affordable choice.
  • Magnetic. This may seem minor, but many stainless steel finishes are not magnetized and cannot be slapped. Takeaway menus and holiday cards In the refrigerator. CConsidering how much we use the kitchen, mild frustration Eventually it will drive you crazy.
  • Quality illusion. We tend to associate stainless steel with high-end appliances, but just because an appliance is made of stainless steel does not mean that it is stainless steel. first-class..It’s just endAfter all, what really matters is the functionality of the appliance itself.You need to look over a clean look to make sure you are buying an appliance that gets the job done And it will last a long time.
  • Design limitations. One of the most overlooked drawbacks of stainless steel is how to limit design choices. Stainless steel works in almost every kitchen design, but it’s still a single material and is repeated over and over again, giving it a slightly “monochrome” look.

I haveStainless steel alternative

The good news is that this is your kitchen and you can choose something other than stainless steel if you want. THis choices can be pretty great:

  • White. The classic old-fashioned electrical finish is still an excellent choice. White appliances show a lot of stains, which is true, but they are also usually easier to clean than stainless steel. It also works well with almost all choices of cabinets, backsplashes and countertops. And, again, it’s the most affordable option without sacrificing functionality.
  • black. Black appliances can be a bold choice, especially when combined with white cabinets and other bright finishes. Black appliances room A modern and sophisticated look that sets it apart from other kitchens.. What’s more, the black finish is very easy to clean and doesn’t show much of a daily stain, so guests don’t have to worry about leaving the house and whispering about their housework skills.
  • Other colors. Did you know that you can buy appliances finished in color? other Than white, black, or stainless steel? That’s true! Major brands of appliances can be found in almost every color, from red and yellow to brown to beige. And having bold, bright-colored appliances can be a home run designed to bring joy to your mind every time you enter the room and make people make noise about your kitchen.
  • Other stainless steel finish. There are different types of stainless steel. Most appliances manufacturers offer matte, slate, or black-shaped stainless steel in addition to the most common glossy versions. You can stick to the comfort of stainless steel while adding a unique touch that makes the kitchen stand out.

mixture The matching appliance will be terminated

Therefore, if you don’t like cleaning, have kids or pets, or have a more vibrant design sensibility, an all-stainless steel kitchen may not be the best choice. But this is not a zero-sum game. It does not necessarily have to match the finish of every appliance. The secret to designing a kitchen is that if you are considerate, you can choose different finishes and colors for each appliance.

Why mix and match the finish?Practical, To give an example. Having a non-stainless steel fridge allows you to eliminate the constant wiping of fingerprints while maintaining the durability of the stainless steel oven.There are design elementsAlso: GIf you give yourself permission to confuse the appliance, you can get pretty good results. Here’s a quick guide to combining appliance finishes:

  • Exercise restriction. Mixing colors and finishes can go awry right away.If the kitchen has 4 or 5 different finishes, it doesn’t look like a design revolution As much as a garage sale score. A good strategy is to choose one appliance as the color “pop”. For example, a red oven or a cool pastel blue refrigerator can be eye-catching and connect everything.
  • Consider longevity. Do you know any advice on not making very personal decisions about home design as it can negatively impact resale value? It triples in the kitchen. Carefully consider the color combinations. A bold kitchen with a variety of appliance finishes can be a selling point, but only if the color choices are considered cool after five years. We all saw 1970s homes with avocado green fixtures and wondered what those people were smoking when they chose them. Don’t be that person unless you know you’re going to die in this house and want to do it.
  • Think about your background. Consider walls and cabinets when choosing colors and finishes to mix. Are the backsplash and cabinet colors bright?Choose a soft pastel color for your appliance for a soothing Zen look..Bold and bright colors will enliven your kitchenIt will be a loud space for families to gather for meals and discussions. If the cabinets and walls are dark, choosing an appliance with deep dark shades will tie everything together, but the bright colors will probably look out of place.
  • Go subtly. Mixing the finishes does not mean that the colors must be large and vibrant. The matte black and graphite finishes aren’t flashy, but they feel luxurious and sophisticated. The navy steel finish isn’t immediately eye-catching, but it can work subtly with other design choices to create a cool, soothing effect.

There are literally dozens of color and finish combinations available, so the main The advice here is to take the time.Talk to your interior designer (or talk to you) if you’re on a budget Creative friends), or steal ideas from the internet-but don’t hurry. You will live with your kitchen for a long time, so don’t make any avocado green decisions that you will regret.

You should rethink stainless steel appliances (and what to use instead)

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