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You should order a lot of claps from Europe and Japan

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America spent a rough 2022, The dollar is having a good year. FOr for the first time since 2002 The US currency is equivalent to the euro. That is, one dollar trades for about one euro. This represents a significant decline in the value of European currencies.It was worth about $ 1.47 in 2008 and about $ 1.14 earlier this year. And it’s not just the euro. The dollar is 19% against the Japanese yen.. in short, It’s a good time to travel abroadWhere your dollar literally takes you Further away.But IIt is also a good opportunity to import a lot of junk at a discounted price.

Why is the dollar so strong now??

The Reasons for the collapse of the euro Diverse and obvious. THe puts them together in a recipe for devaluation: the war in Ukraine, the ongoing serious energy crisis, global inflationary pressures, and the slow-reacting European Central Bank.Several Due to the same factor Appreciation of the yen slide..

At the same time, the dollar is raging.The Federal Reserve Interest rates have skyrocketed, making investing in US Treasuries more attractive. ADespite our own financial turmoil U.S. economic indicators Remain Strong against many people Method.

What does this mean to you? Your money is worth more in a country of 19 euros than at any point in the last 20 years.this is Value of 19% Many in Japan today Than that In January.. In essence, buying in dollars Like to get Automatic discount For everything you buy (or order) Europe or Japan.. SAt a cost of 15 euros, it wasn’t close to $ 18 so long ago, but today it only costs $ 15. So how can we take advantage of this historic (and perhaps temporary) situation?

All From Europe and Japan On sale — for now

There are basically two ways to take advantage of this situation. Travel and purchase of things.

Travel. Travel to Europe suddenly drastically cheap When paying in dollars,and it is The most direct How to take advantage of the strong United States currency..If You budgeted a vacation in Europe a few months ago, the money is now It’s a lot more advanced than you might think, and you’ll be able to add lots of upgrades and additional features that you might not have had before. Traveling to Japan is always expensive, but now …Cheaper.

The great thing about this “discount” is that it’s a blanket effect that applies to literally all spending. All snacks, bottled water, ticket upgrades, restaurant meals, or guided excursions purchased while traveling in Europe are automatically discounted by 15%.

shopping. If you are planning a trip to Europe or Japan Immediately (lucky!)conduct A few addition Shopping while you are there, situation.Purchasing clothing and techniques The device is Some items will be cheaper in the short term (and assume you don’t have to pay extra to ship them home). stockings While passing through cosmetics, yarns, fabrics, or other merchandise Gorgeous European cities are the most cost-effective way to really value your strong dollar.

Mef I don’t feel like jumping on an airplaneYou can still benefit Dollar strength By going to buy Arashi—Imported from Europe and Japan Cars, computers and devices, clothing, luxury brands, etc. are virtually cheaper.

of course, Shipping and handling will continue to be a factorYou need to do math to make sure they don’t Wipe out recognized discounts.. That’s why it’s a particularly good time to import things that are hard to buy in the United States, from high-end European food to anime goods in Tokyo.

This situation will not last forever, so if you have the time, energy and money to take advantage of the strong dollar, Wind up foreign currency, Don’t sleep to order that huge Totoro.

You should order a lot of claps from Europe and Japan

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