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You should make this churn-free pop-tarts ice cream

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Photo: Allie Chanthorn Reinmann

I recently wrote about the best pop-tart preparations for summer Technology-Freeze them– And it didn’t seem cold enough for Lifehacker readers. Frozen pop-tarts are delicious and cool, but they never freeze. For this reason, it is difficult to challenge ice cream to aim for the top spot in the fictitious ranking of cold summer desserts.

But weI’m a lover, not a fighter MeInstead of hitting pop-tarts and ice cream against each other, many people You suggested it They work together.

It didn’t take long to convince me that this was a great idea.The concept is pretty trivial: ice cream is good, and Pop-Tarts is also good, so mFixing them together should be great. You can keep things traditional, toast and eat the tart alone, eat Would you like to accept the hedonistic joy of having undecorated ice cream, a lot of good stuff?

The beauty of this is how easy it is.. If you want pop-tarts ice cream Then I’m probably not willing to hover over a custard-based steaming pot for 30 minutes. So you can wait another 6 hours for it to stir and harden. I want a cold, creamy nostalgia, and I want it soon. The next churnless ice cream method is considerably easier and faster than the traditional method of making churn ice cream. The hardest part is choosing which flavor of Pop-Tarts you want.

How to make churn-free pop-tart ice cream

All churn-free ice cream ingredient lists on the internet are very similar.They usually need whipped cream and sweetened condensed milk Add vanilla extract from time to time.I started with food network Vanilla ice cream without churn I made adjustments from the recipe.

I tried this recipe in two batches. One used red velvet and the other used strawberry-flavored pop-tarts. In the red velvet round, we found that the ratio of food network cream to sweetened condensed milk was overly sweet. It was unavoidable to incorporate grocery snacks, which are pastries equivalent to candy.Keep it Adjusted the ratio of strawberry batch.

Image of article titled You Should Make This Churn-Free Pop-Tarts Ice Cream

Photo: Allie Chanthorn Reinmann

As a result, all the boxes I wanted to make Pop-Tarts ice cream were checked. Creamy, cold and studded with breakfast pastry debris. The 15-minute soaking step softens the pastry piece but makes it less sticky. In addition, a colorful micro crumble is incorporated into the cream base. After straining the cream, I reserved these softened pieces for later folding.Folded the soaked part in the middle of the freezing time For ice creamWith some fresh stuff, And I’m glad I did. The texture was good for it. Some parts of the pastry were soft and emphasized the extra chewy stuffing, while others maintained the chewy texture of the frosting.

Stupidly, I have two half Add the strawberry tart to the second batch. Next time, just add the other half.

Image of article titled You Should Make This Churn-Free Pop-Tarts Ice Cream

Photo: Allie Chanthorn Reinmann

Pop-Tarts ice cream without churn


  • 3 cups of fresh cream
  • 14 oz sweetened condensed milk can
  • Vanilla extract 1½ teaspoon
  • 1 teaspoon salt ⅛
  • 3 or 4 single pop tarts (divided into small pieces and divided in half)
  • Sprinkle (optional)

In a medium bowl, mix the heavy cream with half of the broken pop-tarts. Soak them for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, add condensed milk, vanilla, and salt to a medium-sized bowl.

Place the cream in a mixing bowl and set aside the softened pop-tarts for later use. Whisk the cream at medium speed for about 2 minutes until a hard peak is formed. (This can also be done manually, but it’sIt takes time and effort. )

Take a quarter of the whipped cream and put it in condensed milk. Do this quarterly at a time. Combine once —Some small lumps are fine —Pour the mixture into a pan and cover with foil. Put it in the freezer for about 1 hour.

After about an hour, the ice cream will set along the edges. Scrape off the hardened edges and mix gently in the center. Distribute the soaked, fresh, and sprinkles of pop-tarts along the top of the ice cream and gently stab them into the bread. Return to the freezer for another 2 hours until it hardens.Do you put it in a bowl Become a corn, or real sugar MVP, with a scoop between the two Pop-Tarts.

You should make this churn-free pop-tarts ice cream

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