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You should make salad bites on hand with endive

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The season for holiday gatherings is approaching, and ingredients that can be obtained at gatherings are required. The ideal party food is no more than a few mouthfuls, requires no cooking utensils, and is fully self-contained.Salads aren’t great party food, but they are salads bite It’s a great party food.

As you know, most salads consist of a pile of vegetables and lots of other things. Salad bites vary the ratio of vegetables to other things in favor of what’s contained in elegant and surprisingly flavorful little endive cups.

Raw endive, for starters, is crunchy and bitter, making it a great foil for fatty, salty, and sweet toppings. (Actually, we only need one leaf.)

Turning a salad into a salad bite is easy. Pick your favorite salad (wedges in my case) and knock on a piece of lettuce from the ingredients list. Combine all other ingredients in a bowl (along with dressing), scooping mixture into individual endive leaves. end.

If you need salad inspiration, look to the classicsCobb Salad, Chicken Caesar, Nicoise Salad, Panzanella—these all work beautifully. (For panzanella, cut the bread into small croutons.) Endive leaves can also be stuffed with lettuce-free salads. cucumber and tomatonoodle salad, or a deli staple (chicken, tuna, eggSuch).

The only way to ruin a salad cup is to not chop the filling small enough. And it can ruin a nice shirt). If possible, cut the filling into small pieces and mix it with the dressing to make it sticky.A clenched fist is only fun if you can eat it all without spilling it.

You should make salad bites on hand with endive

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