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You should make a pickle sandwich (pickles are meat)

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One of my favorite childhood treats was a large Clausen pickle., served with a cube or slice of sharp cheddar cheese. Take turns chewing each one, uninterrupted by crackers or bread. Usually, I wash it down with Diet Coke (because from a young age I understood the importance of a clean palate). I still eat it now and then, so I’d be lying if I said I forgot that snack as an adult. But I also eat it as a sandwich. good earl I knew—bread keep your hand Cleanlywhich is important to me. Usually while I’m typing eat.

My first pickle sandwich was a classic.Peanut butter and pickles, a Depression-era staple that’s way better than you expect to be (It was also the subject of my first pay-published work. Disappeared from the internet but lives on in my heart. )

We talked about PB&P Various other pickle sandwiches In the past, however, most people view preserved cucumbers as a garnish, or mere topping, rather than a full-fledged sandwich ingredient. get your own sandwichso I don’t understand why the pickled version doesn’t deserve the same respect. (In fact, a half-sour pickle and cream cheese tea sandwich would be a slap.)

How to make the perfect pickle sandwich

It will be a pickle and cheese sandwich More accessible than PB&B to most people.You’ve probably put pickles and cheese in your sandwich, but you probably also put meat in it. involvement.you don’t need meat. worldWe need more pickles.Create a thick one — i.e. thick— A layer of pickles between two slices of bread and cheese Add crunchiness, salt, and lots of acid. contrasts beautifully with Sharp dairy, cut fat and finally You can eat more cheese. You can even use more than one type of pickle if you prefer. I like sandwiches made with both traditional Clausen and Fat Mama’s Fire & Ice Pickles (Sent directly to me by my aunt Natchez, Mississippi). combination It was a good choice.

There are some strategies besides keeping the pickle layer thick. Make sure your pickle sandwich is a success: Toast the bread so it’s crispy and soak up the pickles first to remove excess waterPlace at least two slices of the sharpest cheddar you can find and spread a thin layer of mayonnaise on both pieces of bread. (like Food52) here), but try to keep it simple—let mepickles shining.

You should make a pickle sandwich (pickles are meat)

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