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You should bake biscuit scraps with your biscuits

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Southern cooks, or more precisely Southern eaters, have many opinions about many foods.Even if you don’t make Gritz, fish, or beans, you’re probably thinking about how they should be prepared. Biscuits are especially good at creating controversy — even simple things like shapes can cause friction.

Circles are traditional, but square biscuit champions argue that right angles are less wasteful, as cutting biscuits into circles produces scrap and reshaping those scraps can be tough. increase. But you don’t have to waste it or endure a durable, remade fabric. Just bake the scrap with the rest of the biscuits.

This tip comes from the Erika Council, a food writer and Atlanta-based biscuit expert. He tweeted a video of how to bake lean biscuits a few years ago. (I came across while clicking Garden & Gun website, It’s a place where I feel very calm. )the method is easy. Punch out the biscuits as you normally would, but don’t throw scraps. Leave the excess dough in the pan and bake together. When the biscuits have cooled a little, take out the scraps and eat them.

The council’s grandmother and uncle both made biscuits this way. “Adults got real biscuits and kids got scraps. This was fine for us,” the council said. Told Garden & GunThe curved scraps “make it much easier to scoop out the last part of the sausage gravy,” he said.

If you are worried about rising, exile such fear from your heart. Not only has the council “have never seen it prevent the rise in this way”, but putting scrap dough next to the cut biscuits can actually help the biscuits get stronger and taller. I can do it. The Stella Parks of Serious Eats states in the biscuit recipe: “Because biscuits love to snuggle up, don’t worry if the pot looks a little crowded. For thick, tall biscuits, they support each other in the oven, reducing spread and increasing swelling. . “

You should bake biscuit scraps with your biscuits

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