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You need to take a ‘suburban day’

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Every suburban is familiar with “City Day”. Why shouldn’t the opposite be true? Why shouldn’t a stressed out city dweller use the local suburbs as an escape for a few hours?

Apartment therapy It advocates planning a “suburban day” as a way for city folk to get out of town for a few hours and unwind. It’s about recognizing the underrated comforts that strip malls can offer. Look, this is coming from a New Yorker. New Yorkers never plan to leave the city.why you (and me) You should consider incorporating a suburban day as a way to refresh your mood Our routine and recharge.

Benefits of Suburban Day

Easy day trips are an underrated solution when planning a real vacation feels impossible.There are some perks to attract you once you get transportation In your nearest suburban neighborhood:

  • cheaper price. This is the most attractive aspect of your day.Go to a local restaurant, get a haircut, do some shopping It’s cheaper than finding it in your home town.
  • Take a break from the crowds. taste in Walk down the street without being crushed. Finding parks and green spaces is especially nice. It’s important to stay away from other people, even if it’s smaller than what’s in the city.
  • Not everything smells like garbage all the time.
  • Less noise pollution.
  • easier driving. Remember when you could go over 15 mph?
  • The ability to make eye contact with strangers. Your results may vary.

A day in the suburbs is all about finding space and clearing your mind. whatever that means to you.

You need to take a ‘suburban day’

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