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You need to know how to hang a hammock

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Most of the summer now It’s time to enjoy the great outdoors. Instead of relaxing on the sofa, you can relax outdoors while slowly rocking in a hammock. However, if you have never installed a hammock before, you may find the process a little scary. This is perfectly understandable given that it is basically a net or fabric that should support the weight of an adult human.

Fortunately, when you buy a new hammock, it usually comes with detailed instructions written with the hammock beginner in mind. You should definitely follow those instructions, but here are some general guidelines for making the process as fast and simple as possible.

Find the right place

If The plan is Multiply your hAmmock from Trees in your garden, you can’t just pick two half-closes and start hanging. Ideally Distance from trunk to trunk Between 13 and 16 feet.

And the tree Strong, mature and healthy Enough to support the hammock and the people in it without bending. In other words, avoid young trees, or trees that may be sick or rotten.

If tree is not an option If you are using metal poles or wooden stanchions, the same rules apply for distance and ruggedness.


For hammocks that should be relaxing, or at least to hang the hammock properly, you may need a little homework. TThere are some factors to keep in mind when putting one here, include The length of the hammock, the hanging angle, and the height above the ground where you want the hammock to hang.

Fortunately, there is something useful Hammock calculator like this It does all the work for you — all you have to do is enter the numbers.

Tighten the hammock

There are several options for fixing the hammock to wood, pillars, or stanchions.


Remember, you will drill a hole in the wood This method can damage the tree to install the hardware.. But if it’s the perfect option for your setup, you can buy a hammock hammock kit with everything you need.

Otherwise, Screw a sturdy eyebolt into each treeThen attach a short chain to each eyebolt using the S hook that connects to the hardware at the end of the hammock.

Tree strap

This is probably the easiest way to hang a hammock. In addition, the hammock is removable and will not damage the tree. There is a metal ring on one side of the tree strap and a cloth loop on the other side.simply Wrap the fabric part around the trunk Then thread the end of the tree through the ring through the loop and align it with the ring at the end of the hammock.Connect the hammock Adjust the tree strap with the S hook that To the desired height.

Chain or rope

Another option without drilling is to wrap it tightly. Chain or strong rope length At least twice around each tree. Next, fix the chain with an S hook or Hammock knot Attach it to the tree with a rope.

You need to know how to hang a hammock

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