You need to cut these foods with dental floss

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As I mentioned before, Dental floss has many practical uses Beyond removing the clad from between the teeth. You can use it as a thread, as a substitute for a wire to hang a picture on, and to support a “climber” in your garden. This pillar of proper oral hygiene can also cleanly and effectively slice certain soft foods. It does not include anything that could be caused by a knife collapse or cave exploration. Here are some ways to make good use of dental floss (unwaxed, unflavored) in the kitchen.

birthday cake: Whether you make your own cake or buy it at the store, cutting it is a delicate act if you have icing and decorations. (again, Tighten dental floss between two (unseasoned) fingers and guide it tightly across the length of the cake like a saw to create a clean, uncrushed slice without spoiling the decoration. I can do it. Slide the dental floss to the bottom of the cake (rather than lift it) and reposition it. Try again until you have the required number of slices.

Cheesecake: The same technique can be used for cheesecake. Cheesecakes are usually hard to cut. If a slice of cheesecake usually sticks to a knife or cake cutter, put all the debris on the rest of the cake, dental floss (I stretched it tight and slipped on the bottom of the cakeProvides a cleaner piece (as above).

Layer cake: For those who were given an hour to make an event cake (then realized on the way: No, it’s Layer cake), Dental floss may come To rescue. (Or if you just want to save yourself the trouble of preparing and cleaning two cake pans). This way Place some toothpicks in the middle of the side of the cake and wrap the dental floss around the cake (on the toothpicks) and pull. (Or, if you need a little excitement in your life, you can throw away the ruler and toothpick and pull in freestyle.)

Goat milk cheese: Goat cheese is not only soft, but also brittle, making it twice as difficult to cut without confusion. The knife does the job, just to spread it out. But if you want to achieve these expensive-looking restaurant rounds, and if you don’t have cheese wires, tighten and slide the dental floss.

Mozzarella cheese: It is difficult to make a non-threaded piece of mozzarella cheese that goes well with these tomato slices and basil.Use this method from Cooking at home: “To slice soft cheeses like mozzarella cheese, try using unwaxed, unflavored dental floss. Slide the floss under the cheese and cross the top edges. , Pull the floss firmly to slice the cheese. “

Cinnamon roll dough: Dental floss is more effective than knives and pastry cutters in cutting cinnamon roll dough.Because, according to Lifehacker seNior food eThe ditor Claire Lower is where knives and other blades “smooth” the dough. “Instead of pushing down on the pastry, the floss slices from the outside to the center and evens out the roll with nearly even pressure from all sides. Round shape. ” follow us The technique she outlined here Form the perfect bread.

Hard boiled egg: Chicago Eastman Egg Company, The floss technique is effective for slicing hard-boiled eggs. “Put the egg on the board, tighten the floss, and then slowly press the floss against the egg, resulting in a clean slice that takes less effort to achieve.”

You need to cut these foods with dental floss

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