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You need this autumn leaves map for your autumn trip

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For several weeks each year, nature puts on a show in certain parts of the country.Sure, autumn means a long, dark winter ahead of us, but some areas allow us to enjoy some viewing before it all gets too dark. their leaves change colour.

And although there is no guarantee that Data from previous fall can be used to predict when leaves will peak. This information is available in map format. 2022 has just been released. Here’s what you need to know about fall foliage this year, especially if you’re planning a trip.

How to use the 2022 autumn leaves map

As before, statistician and website founder David Angotti said: SmokyMountains.com—behind Autumn leaves map in 2022.

Using the map is very easy. Simply select a date using the slider. bottom of the map, color indicates where foliage peaks in that particular week. For example, selecting September 5th will show leaf forecasts for the week of September 5th.Until the 11th.

This map uses an algorithm that analyzes millions of data points to predict when the changing foliage will reach its colorful peak, county by county. These data points include:

  • NOAA Historical Temperatures
  • NOAA Historical Precipitation
  • NOAA predicted temperature
  • NOAA Precipitation Forecast
  • Historical Reef Peak Trend
  • peak observed trend
  • User report

So, how do you get into the autumn foliage prediction business? “In 2013 Smokey He began asking potential visitors to the Mountain region when the leaves were at their brightest,” Angotti told Lifehacker in an email. “From these questions, we created the first version of the Autumn Foliage Map, which we have consistently improved over the years.”

You need this autumn leaves map for your autumn trip

Source link You need this autumn leaves map for your autumn trip

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