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You may actually learn something from the word Artle, a work of art

Image of an article titled You might actually learn something from this word for a work of art might actually learn something from this Wordle of art

screenshot: Artle / National Gallery of Art

Word-based Wordle variant It’s incredibly fun. Every time you tweak the format, it brings new nuances to the game.But sometimes it’s worth broadening your horizons to infer the following: do not have A specific placement of characters on the grid.I did it today, and I fell in love Artle..

Artwork guessing game I’m from the National Gallery And it features the artists in their collection. Am I an art history enthusiast? I don’t like it. But did you enjoy playing anyway? very.

In this game, it’s your job to display the work of art and guess who made it. When you start typing the artist’s name, instead of typing “carav …”, you’ll be prompted to select “Polydoro da Caravaggio” and stick to the spelling of the man’s name. This feature also helps, for example, to clarify between Rembrandt Peale and Rembrandt Peale. (Another tip on how to play: load the page and if you don’t see the picture, wait a few minutes. In the test, the first load of the game was very slow, but the first picture is displayed It was easy to play.)

Different artwork is displayed for each of the four guesses. So when I played today’s game, I first saw a picture of a pen and ink. I endangered the guess, but it was wrong, so the sculpture was shown by the same artist. I missed it again. Then there was another more detailed sculpture.I’m out of the simple guess, and now I’m trying to figure out what century This person may be from. do not know. I made a mistake again. In my final guess, I’m given something else. It’s a full-color painting with a vaguely familiar style, but it still can’t be placed.

When I throw in a random guess and admit defeat, the answer becomes clear. It’s an artist I’ve never heard of.

In other versions of the game this will be frustrating. Word guessing games with ambiguous words are not fun. But here it is good for both sides. If you didn’t know the artist before Now you do..

Or as one Artle player Told the Washington Post“When you soon realize that every artist you know is like a white 19th century artist, it gives you some self-awareness.

The creators of the game say they chose a combination of well-known and lesser-known artists to make the game interesting and educational. The collection in the gallery is overwhelmingly the work of a dead white man, but the works chosen by Artle are a bit more diverse. The Washington Post reports that 17.8% of the artists in the first 45 days of the game were non-white. The entire gallery collection is only 2.3%.

I won’t reveal the identity of today’s artist, but the ending of the game has satisfied my curiosity. Not only did I speak the person’s name, but the game linked me to the biography of the artist. (My guess in the 1st century was only 100 years apart. Isn’t it bad?) There was also a title and a link to more information about each of the four featured works. Now I’m looking forward to learning more about this artist and learning about another artist in 11 hours and 48 minutes.

You may actually learn something from the word Artle, a work of art

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