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You don’t need lemons to clean your microwave

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Somehow, all microwave cleaning how-tos we published Includes use of lemon or lemon juice. This is not so shocking. The citric acid in lemons has antibacterial properties, and lemons make things smell good. felt Lemon water because it’s healthy and natural feel healthier than plain water (it’s not).

Microwaves can get sticky and smelly quickly, so it’s only natural to add a fresh-smelling sour lemon.it’s not requirement. only you requirement To clean it is a bowl of water. If it’s really nasty, it’s probably elbow grease. Fill a bowl about half full of water, put the water in the microwave, heat for 3 minutes, and let the steam dissolve any sticky gunk, dirt, or grease for another 5 minutes. Done.

If you’re worried about missing out on citric acid’s antibacterial properties, don’t worry.

Can lemon help make your microwave smell a little better? Yes, but so does plain vinegar, and so does the simple act of steaming and wiping off a gooey mass that’s been sitting there for weeks. If your range is still a little smelly, wipe it down with white vinegar.Or use lemon if you really want to.but you don’t Have To enjoy a clean microwave with lemon. Relying on the power of steam, Use that lemon for fun things like cocktails.

You don’t need lemons to clean your microwave

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