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You Can Still Get DVDs From Netflix (And Maybe You Should)

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Am I the only one who didn’t know that Netflix still offers DVDs? I think I was thinking. House of Cards on the Sand When squid gameHowever, in 2022, you can still mail movies and TV shows directly from Netflix to yourself as long as you have a device that can play discs. If so, you might actually want to.

Wait, does Netflix have DVDs?

Depending on your age, it may surprise you to learn that Netflix started as a DVD service in 1997. I ordered the movies I wanted to see online and Netflix sent me DVDs of him one by one. Watch a DVD, mail it in, and another DVD will magically appear in your mailbox. Everyone blames Netflix for busting his chain of video stores since Blockbuster never stepped out of his house (although Blockbuster also had its own DVD mailing service).

After their streaming service became popular, they tried to split the two services into two different options: Netflix (streaming) and Qwikster (DVD). If you’re wondering what the hell Qwikster is, it’s because Netflix abandoned the name in less than a monthNetflix now owns the domain DVD.comthis is many better name.

What Netflix offers with its DVD service

Netflix’s current DVD service is lesser known (or at least lesser known). myself), not so cheap. There are three stages, the only difference being the number of DVDs you receive at any given time. Get 1 DVD for $9.99/month. Two for $14.99. Earn 3 for $19.99. Universal benefits include unlimited discs per month, no due dates or late fees, free shipping and returns (but teeth It has an asterisk next to it and is not explained anywhere on the support page).

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Still, depending on who you are, it might be worth the money. We used to think of Netflix like this: But in recent years, Netflix has lost more and more shows and movies as more and more studios want their own streaming services. Now, when you search for what you want to watch, Netflix often recommends titles that are “similar”. actually interested in.

When something leaves Netflix, that doesn’t change. breaking badshows promoted by Netflix, finally leave the platformYou can still order shows by season and enjoy one disc at a time. Netflix doesn’t report how many titles it has on offer, but says it offers “nearly any movie or TV show you want to watch,” from the 1910s to the present day. That’s a lot of discs.

Speaking of discs, not all DVDs are for sale on Netflix. DVD still has its place, but Netflix also offers Blu-ray at no extra charge. Netflix doesn’t seem to offer 4K Blu-rays, so you’ll miss the extra resolution and HDR. A much better visual jump from a 480p DVD. Plus, with physical media, you don’t have to worry about slow internet connections ruining your movie experience. Blu-ray has no buffering.

Prices are a little steep on the surface, but they aren’t that Bad if you are someone who watches a fair amount of movies. If you’re always renting the latest movies from services like Apple TV and Google Play, you’ll find that Netflix’s service is much cheaper. for example, rent where clodad sings When jurassic world dominion At $5.99 each, you’re already using over a month’s worth of Netflix discs. By the way, these titles are currently available on Netflix’s DVD service, so you can watch much of the same content for less.

As I said before, physical media location still existsNetflix may choose to promote its DVD service less in 2022, instead spending its marketing budget on streaming content. But dvd.com is something every movie and TV fan should consider. You can choose to add this service to your current Netflix plan or subscribe on its own. $9.99/month isn’t too bad if you ditch the $19.99/month Netflix.

How to Subscribe to Netflix’s DVD Service

If you already have a Netflix account, please sign in netflix.comclick your profile in the top right,[アカウント]Choose. Click Add DVD Plan and follow the on-screen instructions. If you don’t have a Netflix account, you can sign up for a Netflix DVD account by: DVD.com Also dvd.netflix.com.

You Can Still Get DVDs From Netflix (And Maybe You Should)

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