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You can now track your holiday packages using Gmail

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Holiday shopping is fast, and checking lots of shopping doesn’t help. You’ll be constantly scouring your inbox looking for shipping confirmations to check on estimated arrival times and delivery status, and the more you buy, the worse it gets. But if you’re using Gmail, Google can help.

In a November 2nd blog post, Google announced that it will begin rolling out new Gmail features. This helps users keep track of numerous shipping confirmations scattered throughout their inboxes. If the item in question has a tracking number, Gmail will display the delivery status directly in your inbox as if it were your own email. However, if you open the original shipping confirmation email, you’ll also see the shipping status card here, so you don’t have to click through to the shipping company’s website to see where your package is.

These cards also display important updates such as ‘labeled’, ‘arrived tomorrow’, ‘delivered today’.

How to set up delivery tracking in Gmail

When this feature hits your device, Gmail will display a card explaining the new feature and a simple[許可]Use button. If you didn’t receive this card or accidentally closed it, you can enable this feature in your Gmail settings. This card can be seen in the screenshot below. You’ll also see a shipping confirmation that Gmail hovers over the top of this demo inbox.

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This feature is still rolling out, so it may not yet be available in the Gmail app. Please take note of this card and Gmail settings and set them up as soon as possible.

Although not available in this initial rollout, Google is working on another useful package tracking feature. In the “coming months”, delayed packages will appear at the top of your inbox with a delayed label. think All this time something was being transported, only to find it stuck somewhere.

You can now track your holiday packages using Gmail

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