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You can now get lots of Pokemon games for much less money

Image of the article titled You can now get lots of Pokemon games for much less money that you can get lots of Pokemon games for much less money

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Pokemon is one of Nintendo’s cash cows. sword When shield One of Switch’s best-selling games and itself one of the best-selling systems in the history of video games. So when a rare sale of Pokemon games comes, you’d better be on top of it.

It happens that Nintendo is pleased to be able to sell Pokemon games at regular prices for years after its release.However, close the e-shop Heading for the best buyCan be saved big Currently with some Pokemon titles. Not all games advertise discounted prices before they’re added to the cart, but for those that advertise, the sale seems to last until 1am EDT on Tuesday, May 10th.

Some major titles are significantly discounted. Pokemon sword When Pokemon shieldFor example, at $ 40 each, it’s $ 20 down from the retail price of $ 60.Sure, these games have received a lot of criticism from the Pokemon community, but Nintendo is actually Print Money by Selling They — They Moved Almost 25 One million copy of sword When shield.. The fact that stores like Best Buy are willing to break up with them at 1/3 off the suggested retail price is amazing.

Surprisingly, you can save half Off other titles including Pokemon: Let’s go, Pikachu! When Pokemon: Let’s go, Eevee! These games also sell for $ 60, while Best Buy sells for $ 30.The Alright, let’s go The game is an HD remake Pokemon Pikachu For Game Boy, some mechanics have been adapted from what was found in Pokemon GO..

Another remake set is also $ 20 off. Pokemon brilliant diamond When Pokemon Brilli Today’s Best Buys are both $ 40, $ 10 more than they bought in 2006, and you can play a switch-worthy remake of the DS Pokemon. New Pokemon Snap If you want to play the sequel to the N64 Classic, it costs as much as $ 40.

Unfortunately, Pokemon Legend Arceus Best Buy is still $ 60. It’s like Nintendo and others. From the latest games in the series to trying to squeeze out all the last penny. However, if you’re modifying it to play Pokemon, you can choose from many other titles, but that’s a discounted price.


You can now get lots of Pokemon games for much less money

Source link You can now get lots of Pokemon games for much less money

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