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You can now fix your Samsung phone yourself

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In general, tech companies would rather not you Repair your own. It’s a problem that spans from computers to all kinds of devices and machines. to the lawnmower and have fueled what is known as “Right to Repair” Movementwhich basically says “If I bought it, I should be able to fix it.

More and more companies are reaching out to consumers pressure (although sometimes only after being forced by local government), the latest being Samsung.That’s right: if You own a recent Galaxy device and the company is gave you the green light to repair it yourself. Theoretically.

Why Your Right to Repair Matters

when a company sells you something product, you expect it It’s up to you to do what you want. If something goes wrong, take it to a repair shop, or if you have the expertise, Please fix it yourself. The problem is that many tech companies don’t want you to. M.Dull you want to take them Take your device to a repair shop other than your own.

In some cases, lockdowns are so strict that they use non-manufacturer products.make some break entire devicesbecause the company designed the software to reject that part (Apple). In some cases, even unauthorized repair shops cannot repair the device because the company withholds schematics and repair instructions from everyone (Apple again).

But attitudes are changing after seeing what the company has written on the wall. (andthe aforementioned new government regulations. ) Apple now has a program in place for dedicated customers repair my device Use genuine Apple parts (but still early days). samsung is now Suit for the following: R.arather than force customers to their repair plan, company These customers are starting to offer an official way to repair their devices, or pass them on to a third party to obtain repair.

Samsung offers genuine Galaxy parts and manuals through iFixit

samsung partnered with retailers i will fix To provide customers with a way to repair their devices themselves without worrying about following incorrect instructions or using defective parts. The program uses genuine Samsung parts for each repair and provides a step-by-step guide (Scrutinized by iFixit) to ensure that Has completed correctly.

At launch, the program supports Galaxy S20 and S21 series and Galaxy Tab S7+.or Includes the following devices:

If you have one of these phones or tablets, iFixit resources available Repair the display, back glass, and charging port.Depending on your situation, you can also order single parts Or select parts and all Tools needed to patch devices.

Unfortunately, parts and repair kits don’t come cheap. For example, display kits range from $167.99 to $239.99 depending on the specific device. Choosing just the parts instead of the fix kit will lower the cost, but only about $7 less.

These parts are as expensive as they can be, but they’re a step in the right direction.The move will help S20, S21, and Tab S7+ users know whether the repair parts they buy will damage or destroy the device they’re repairing. You can now repair these devices with genuine Samsung parts and manuals without worrying about anything.

If you don’t own one of these Galaxy phones, you’re not out of luck. According to iFixit, Samsung In the future, more devices can be programmed. Until then, you can rely on iFixit’s guide.they may still Become samsung approvedbut they are still tested for correctness and may cover most common problems. iFixit has 10 repair guides for the Galaxy S8 Plus alone..

You can now fix your Samsung phone yourself

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