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You can improve the DM of Instagram

Image of article titled Can Make Instagram DM Better” image of an article titled “You can improve your Instagram DM”

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DM-ing on for years Instagram It wasn’t something you enjoyed, it was an experience you’ve lived in.societyal Media app It was ignored because it was so focused on photo sharing Focus on things like standard messaging features like custom Notification settings.But since then Boldly declare No longer a photo sharing appInstagram has slowly turned things aroundsoon Start-up Chat theme, real Search function and other adjustmentsDesigned to improve messaging on s Instagram..

Here are some features you can mighNot aware, and how to use them to upload your DM games. (Note: These features Unfolding slowlySo, I don’t have everything yet. )

Method Send a post to a close friend Simple gesture

Image of article titled Can Make Instagram DM Better” image of an article titled “You can improve your Instagram DM”

image: Meta

This feature Shows that Instagram is becoming more and more focused How users actually use Instagram DM: To share cat memes with friends. With this change, sharing is faster than ever.Of the post[送信]Hold down the button, See 4 The photo at the top is Your most Frequently contacted profile.. Drag your finger to your profile picture to submit your post.

Instantly reply to Instagram DM

Now it’s possible Continue browsing the feed While you are talking to people at Instagram DM.You can extend the new in-app notification banner to reply to someone from there..

Send a message without notifying the recipient

If you’re trying to send a message to someone (or a group) at night or at other timesWhenNotification to go outType “@ QuietnessBefore the message. ” THis message is still It will be sent, but the user will not receive any notification about it.

Go to full Snapchat using Vanish mode

Like Snapchat, Instagram DM also allows you to do Send photos and videos that disappear. But what if you want the entire conversation, including all the text and photos, to disappear after a while??? You can now Swipe up in chat to turn on vanish mode. When you exit vanish mode, all chats will be deleted.If Someone takes a screenshot in vanish modeYou will receive a notification.

Try a new theme

Image of article titled Can Make Instagram DM Better” image of an article titled “You can improve your Instagram DM”

image: Meta

Instagram DM introduced the theme a while back, but sometimes there are new additions. Latest theme, lo-fi, Inject into the app Chill vibe, but You can choose from more themes. “Me“” Button in the header next,[テーマ]Go to section and browse..

Search by chat

Want to find some guilty evidence in a 6-month-old conversation? Instagram DM can help you with that. Open a chat and say “MeClick the “From above” button and click “Search by conversation” To get started.

Decrease the strength of group DM

Group chat can be violent Immediately, but You can use this to control DM level Notification settings.Open group DM “Me“Button. Here you can mute any message, mute mention, or call. You can also enable approval for new participants to prevent groups from becoming the center of spam overnight.”

Avatar, Voting, and Other Ways to Make DM More Fun

Please refer to a bit “plusIn the bottom corner of the button Instagram DM?? this is It hides quite a few features.Initially Quick replyWHere you can create custom shortcuts that extend to the entire phrase or sentence.This feature looks like this Text replacement On iPhone, but limited to Instagram apps.

Tap sticker button and “Avatar” When “poll.. Avatar is a Facebook version of the Memoji sticker that allows you to: Create your own avatar and send it with a sticker Instead of using Emoji..Voting function Works like a story, allowing you to: You can get a quick response from everyone in a group chat without issuing dozens of notifications.

You can improve the DM of Instagram

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