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You can get some benefits of sleeping while still awake

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We all need more sleep.Adults are normal Need to get 7 or more time Nightis more than One-third of Americans average less apart from cChronic sleep deprivation Well-known impact on our overall health —favorite Increase the risk of Heart disease, stroke, And diabetes. but,There iss Not a substitute for good sleep, after all A few How to take advantage of some Of the benefits of sleep while we are I’m still awake.

As Studies showWhat do we spend about half a day on?s is called “offline state”.When we are, don’t pay attention to us in the immediate vicinity Fancy or other Wander our hearts. We tends to think about it As wasted time, but After all, I’m in it Offline state It has the following advantages: Memory integration. ((((Researchers have long been Take a nap 30-90 minutes after learning Helps keep new information, but who has the time to do so? )

What is “o”?ffline Awakening break “?

Research suggests Closing your eyes and resting for a few minutes is called “offline awakening rest.”Can provide the same benefits as a nap after learning..Offline awakening rest is defined as: How long you areNot explicitly paying attention to external stimuli, or Internal cognitive task.Instead, it A period of closing your eyes and wandering your heart Without paying clear attention to anything in the environment Or especially trying to focus on one thing.

and Meta-analysis published in 2019Researchers have found that a 15-minute offline awakening rest helps to integrate memory, including recalling the details of a short story. So tThe next time you realize you need to keep new information, set aside a few minutes to close your eyes. And let’s wander your heart.A short break will probably help You can calm down a little in a world that is too busy while retaining information.

You can get some benefits of sleeping while still awake

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