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You can finally use a VRR on your PlayStation 5

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Following a recent system update, PlayStation 5 finally supports VRR (Variable Refresh Rate). VRR is a video setting that dynamically adjusts the refresh rate of your TV or monitor to match your game’s FPS (frames / second). This avoids annoying graphic issues such as frame drops, hitchhiking, and screen tearing that occur when the display refresh rate does not match the gameplay FPS.check out our For more information, VRR explainers About technology and why it’s important to the game.

PlayStation5VRR requirements

VRR is a pretty cool feature, but there are some requirements to use it on the PS5. First, you need a PS5 and a game that supports VRR. At the time of writing the rollout, only three PS5 games support this feature.

  • Marvel Spider-Man: Miles Morales
  • Marvel Spider-Man Remaster
  • Ratchet & Crank: Lift Apart

More game support will be added in the future, but VRR will only work for games with higher frame rates of 60-120 FPS, so it will not be available for all PS5 titles. VRRs are not available for games with caps set at 30 or 48 FPS.

Next, you need a TV or monitor that supports both high refresh rates and PS5-specific VRR technology. There are many VRR formats such as Nvidia’s G-Sync and AMD’s FreeSync, but PS5 implements VRR via HDMI 2.1. HDMI 2.1 is a new version of the HDMI output standard used on most TVs, enabling a number of new features such as VRR, high refresh rates, and even 8K resolution. So obviously, to use the PS5’s VRR settings, you need HDMI 2.1 on your TV or monitor. You’ll also need a dedicated HDMI 2.1 cable to use features such as VRR, but thankfully the PS5 comes with a cable.

HDMI 2.1 was first introduced in 2017, and new TVs and monitors often have at least one HDMI 2.1 port. However, there is an extra problem here. Not all HDMI 2.1 ports support the same functionality. This means that some displays have an HDMI 2.1 port, but even if you have the right equipment and you’re playing a game that supports VRR, you’re still playing a VRR (or high refresh rate, ARC, or other HDMI 2.1). Does not support (advantages of).

Fortunately, you can easily check if your display supports PS5 VRR by simply turning on the PS5 menu setting.

How to turn on VRR on PlayStation 5

  1. Press PS button Open the home screen with the DualSense controller.
  2. Scroll to select [設定]>[画面とビデオ]>[ビデオ出力]..
  3. Scroll down to the VRR option and[「自動」 ドロップダウンメニューから。

テレビがVRRをサポートしている場合、設定がオンになり、設定メニューから戻ることができます。 VRRでサポートされているゲームの1つを起動すると、よりスムーズなゲームプレイに気付くはずです。 お使いのテレビがPS5のVRRをサポートしていない場合は、その旨を通知するポップアップ通知が表示されます。

VRRオプションがまったく表示されない場合は、[設定]Of the menu[システムソフトウェア]Please try to update. [システム]>[システムソフトウェア]>[システムソフトウェアの更新と設定]>[システムソフトウェアの更新].. select “Use the Internet to update your PS5 software.” Wait for the update to be downloaded and installed, then Return to the video output menu and enable VRR.

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You can finally use a VRR on your PlayStation 5

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